CSGO Community ‘disappointed’ over B-Site and ESL team invites

Last weekend, the CSGO world fought with a huge blow-out when ESL announced the ESL Pro League’s Season 11 invites confirming rumours of 24 teams being dropped to the Mountain Dew League from the famous circuit.

It comes as CSPPA announced their statement following the CSGO’s community outrage

The moved teams were previously unaware of the move, caused massive outrage and kicked off the hurricane weekend of CSGO.

Twitter became on 25 January a crowded war ground among the counter-Strike who: Global Offensive. At the root of a dispute was a tweet from the tournament director ESL, but the North American competitor, “B Page,” and a Counter-Strike advisor: the Association of Professional Players and several experts, quickly became entangled in a fight.

The major problem was clearer when members of demeaning teams realised that ESL was not able to tell them about the change before its congratulatory tweet was released. B-Site authorises Thorin to reveal that the League has decided to add a further six-figure sum to the B-Site prize pool as the crowd has railed against ESL.

Thorin gave no indication on the origins of the additional funds. Despite teams out of EPL still losing large volumes of sales, it could be enough for teams to get away from ESL Pro League and MDL and win a part of the B Prize. The community would later find out that none of the teams listed in the notification by ESL necessarily had contracts with ESL.

Thorin was embroiled in several counter-strike altercations before and after posting the video, with another involving CSPPA director Scott “Sir Scoots” Smith. She has been a worldwide violent pro player. Since that point, Thorin has withdrawn the tweets and officially excused his actions. Thorin did not delete his ESL tweets.

Since Friday night, more and more people in the community have been drawn by the elimination of their EPL spots as the stars of teams eliminated by the EPL. The cut comes with a significant loss of income for the organisations.

Betway esports posted a twitter post saying “If it wasn’t for _____, I’d be a pro” With moose responding by tagging ESL’s CSGO twitter page.

Thorin also posted on Twitter a video showing that the B Site owners add six figures to the B Site reward pool while also bashing ESL and praising the open-qualifier scheme. In the main twist of the matter, Thorin has a Cloud 9 shirt representing B Site. It seems that B-site encouraged relegated teams to give up ESL for BSite by using Thorin’s cultural status to deliver the message.