CSGO Antwerp Major Legends Stage-Exciting upsets and regular results

The Antwerp Major has seen a lot of upsets, records broken and a huge amount of rounds being played. Legends Stage is not an exception to all of this, creating a rather unique format the audience receives way more gameplay and possible exciting moments to remember.

Divided in high matches, mid matches and low matches, the Legends Stage provides multiple chances for teams to bring it back and stay within winning shot of the tournament. Imperial and Vitality definitely appreciate the previously mentioned, after climbing out of first round losses they were able to win respectively against team Liquid(previous upset producer) and Bad News Eagles, to stay alive.

Dominance was definitely present as well, some of it coming from usual suspects however one team stands out above all, Team Spirit. The fully Russian roster has won every single series or game they have faced in the tournament. Not seen as favorites or even contenders, the veterans Chopper and Magixx have shown discipline and patience on their gameplay while the newer additions in Patsi and S1ren definitely spark the team with youthful mechanically focused strategies. 

Now, if we want to talk about upsets we have a couple present as well. Starting with the biggest one Heroic barely managed to clutch a win in the mid matches bracket against G2 (one of the tournament favorites) in a 19 to 17 overtime win. Lastly Furia the brazilian representative, is definitely putting on quite a show, taking Team Liquid off the tournament and winning against BIG sending them to the low matches bracket.

Lastly we have huge matchups coming up, especially for survival. Team Vitality versus BIG and Cloud9 versus Imperial, will definitely be must watch as there’s high stakes in hand. All four teams had difficult not expected results with high profile players on the roster, all eyes are on them to provide better results.