Copenhagen Games announced with a $100,000 + prize pool

The Copenhagen Games have been announced with a $100000+ Prize pool. The annual games held in Copenhagen, Denmark has been a marquee event in the region with several superstars attending the tournament in the past.

The prize money is double of last year, a significant improvement from last year’s tournament.

Esports have long been a special focus area for us and so we’re very happy to support Copenhagen Games, one of the largest, most well-established events in Denmark,” Waoo CEO Jørgen Stensgaard said in a statement.

“Our fibre optic broadband product is already a perfect match for esports, but we’re also seeing esports move into the entertainment universe with a stronger and wider appeal than ever before.

“Esports are evolving into a solid TV product which interests more and more of our customers and when our customers ask for a quality product, we’re happy to deliver.

The winner for last years tournament was Singularity. We will keep you informed about further news from this tournament.