Coldzera nominated for Redbull Player of the year

Coldzera has been nominated as the player of the year for Redbull again. This year, he has competition from other personalities such as Street Fighter, Dota2, Halo, Hearthstone etc. At the time of writing this article, Coldzera is leading by a huge margin.

In 2017, history repeated itself. The core four players of SK Gaming, the Brazilian lineup that rose to the top in 2016, have enjoyed the same success this year.

When it comes to $200,000+ events in 2017, SK won six of them, and placed in the top four almost every time. During this dominance, one of the standout names on this roster was Coldzera. The 23-year-old Brazilian was instrumental in SK’s success – his individual prowess and consistency is envied by even the best of players.

Source : Redbull