Blast Premier partners with Sennheiser

CSGO is one of the greatest games of all esports in terms of heart-stop pulse-pumping action. These sounds are emblematic for the game when you watch or play. “Rush B! Rush B!” I’m ramping molly!”There are signposts to” planting “we all know about.

It comes as Blast Premier continued their partnership with Betway esports.

We need the best possible audio equipment when playing the best games on the planet at the highest level. In this context, we learned that EPOS Sennheiser brand and leading esports and entertainment firm BLAST Premier have partnered together.

That’s right, in the form of BLAST Premier there’s an amazing CSGO match sequence coming. It started in January with BLAST Premier’s 12 of the world’s best CSGO players. In 3 Mills Studio in London Astralis, 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses and more fight for a share of the prize pool of $4.25 million dollars over three weeks.

But what is fantastic esports without audio equals? This is where BLAST Premier and Sennheiser join. A new project is underway in this relationship to mark the start of the team. The new project, Mic’D Up, will provide fans from around the world with a unique insight into the interactions between these top players.

Sounds like Mic’D Up will give players an unheard-of look into the matches. Fans can hear the mid-match moments, chirping, and playing. Do you want to know what’s going on in the best teams? That’s just what Mic’D Up gives you.