Betway esports introduces new CS:GO Challenge

Betway is a sports betting platform recognised as one of the world’s leading sports backers that has competitive sports betting markets. So much so that at the recent SBC Awards, the company was appointed as the year’s Esports betting operator.

Betway esports has recently added its name to a huge list of esports betting sites.

They sponsor many major companies, such as Ninjas in Australia, Huge, and Fifa. In Mexico, Ninjas and other prominent sportive organisations.

Now the founders and many other members of the Betway esports betting team tend to be competing in the new CS: GO Target Challenge gambling competition, recently announced by the organisation via Twitter.

What is the Betway aim challenge? What is it?

The Target Competition is a specially designed map designed and developed by designer Mr Ulletical. The engine of the game is a famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the goal of the game is to complete the map as quickly as possible.

What is the map achieved by players? Okay, there are a few bots on the board which players need to delete as they pass through the world. To order to qualify for the competition, all bots must be destroyed by the player to the total.

The tournament’s goals were described as: “See how easily your talents are relative to professional players or your friends on this individual time test run with bot targets, according to the details on the official page of the Aim Challenge on Steam.”TWEET BEST EXAMPLES Betway has encouraged people to tweet to the Aim Challenge the best screenshots from their times and then the business can add screenshots in a match for others in the network.

To date, the fastest time has been set for a Turkish player with a @FURIOUSSScs Twitter-Handle who posted 39.360 seconds, according to retweets coming from the website.

In comparison, most screenshots sent to the count Betway display times from over one minute to about 42 seconds, with only a handful receiving less time.

Of course, over and overplaying the game would allow players to familiarise themselves and increase their experience with the structure of the map and the bots ‘ locations in each match. However, the programme also offers you, after each run, a thorough statistical analysis of your play, that again can help you decide when you need to improve.

The competition was also met by leaders of the esports teams funded by Betway and players will compare their quickest times on an in-course leaderboard with the professional players.

To play the game you need to be Steam user and have at least downloaded Counter-Strike Free: Global Offensive on your chosen computer.


You should visit the laboratory and apply to the Goal Challenge 2.0 map once you have achieved so. This is then downloaded and you can reboot and take the challenge yourself when you have downloaded the game.

Please remember, your fastest times in a screenshot for Betway’s Twitter feed.