All you need to know about CSGO’s PGL Antwerp Major Champions Stage

The PGL Antwerp Major biggest stage is set to start on May 22nd where the best 8 teams of the tournament will battle it out for a chance at glory and a hefty amount of money.

The quality of the tournament so far has been great, including a lot of games and content throughout its broadcast. The champions stage is no exception to this, as the matchups within the bracket are quite interesting and hard to predict. 

The two biggest matchups of the bracket are Ninjas in Pyjamas versus Faze and Na’vi versus Heroic, all of these teams are definitely established and recognized within the scene, as all of them have won majors at one point. The narrative is quite familiar as NiP and Faze are veteran organizations trying to recuperate what made them the best in the world, while Na’vi and Heroic have brought recent success to the trophy room. 

Then we have the usual dark horse suspects in Furia, Ence, Team Spirit, and Copenhagen Flames. Don’t get me wrong, these teams definitely have shown strong qualities within the tournament, however their backstory is quite different from the above. Furia has been chasing a major trophy for a while, Ence almost made the impossible by reaching a major final, and lastly Team Spirit and Copenhagen Flames are newcomer organizations to CSGO’s biggest tournaments.

The games will be played within a four day period with the following matchups: Nip vs Faze/Spirit vs Furia on May 19th and Ence vs CPH/Na’vi vs Heroic on May 20th, following semifinals on May 21st and finals on May 22nd.

The public is expecting quite a show from stars like S1mple, B1t, Ropz, and Kjaerbye. However upsets are soon to follow with hungry younger players looking to slay their previous role models. All of this will be hopefully seen in the last stage of the PGL Antwerp Major.