CSGO Betting Sites

CSGO Betting Sites

CSGO is one of the most popular esports, with that, esports betting sites have started to offer bets on tournaments such as ESL, IEM and other small tournaments. Our list of CSGO betting sites detail the best of the sites.

We’ve spent hours researching each site, especially those of skin betting sites, and CSGO tournaments see millions of viewers globally and millions in prize pools. Only recently, esports betting on ESL has been made legal by Nevada state.

CSGO is one of the oldest forms of esports betting, lots of esports bookmakers are offering CSGO, so our guide will show you through what you need to look for and which are the best.

We offer a limit amount of skin betting sites because of the safety ratings of these sites, often skin betting can be shady and with all the sites we recommend, safety, reliability and security is key to our guide.

CSGO Betting Sites List

For those wondering, we discuss how we choose these sites below.

Check out our list of the most trusted CSGO betting sites: 

Ranking CSGO Betting Site Bonus
1 Betway $30
2 888 Sports £30
3 Unikrn None
4 Luckbox Matched up to $100
5 Pinnacle None

Best CSGO Skin Betting Sites

Similarly, look at our CSGO skin betting sites list which also features bonus amounts.

Ranking CSGO Betting Site Bonus
1 CSGOEmpire (Use Code ES100) Free Case
2 Farmskins Case Opening
3 CSGORat Free Case
4 WTFSkins Free Case
5 CSGO500 Free Case

How We Pick These CSGO Betting Sites?

We research and compare, going through sites like Reddit and forums to discover any scams or incidents that have occurred and or been resolved.

For newcomers to gambling, you need to develop knowledge within the game itself and the teams, once you’ve developed a knowledge of the above, you’ll know the odds of which teams you’re betting on. Understanding the game is significant knowledge.

We pick these sites based on different key performance areas for you to make sure your first deposit is secure and safe.

Often sites can be shady, it why you need to do your research when placing your money on them. And we’ve been testing these sites over the last year for the best safety, security, reliability, promotions and design functionality.

Good customer support might indicate a level of security and the level of helpfulness the customer support has. Sites like Bet365 have 24/7 support teams that have a dedication to whatever you need be.

But for those who want to bet on more than just CSGO should take a look at our esports betting sites guide which highlights the best site for overall esports if it is CSGO, Dota, League of Legends or Overwatch.

Skin Betting

Since CSGO had appeared in 2012, skins have held value thus being able to gamble them for real-life money. Trading and betting have been a huge part of CSGO throughout the years and players need to be sure that you’re skin betting safely and securely.

But what is skin betting? Skin betting is gambling cosmetic goods in the return of either real money or better skins. Skins have no direct influence on the game, it’s technically a virtual currency in the world of CSGO. Some sites offer skin betting on tournaments.

Players can bet with as many skins as they wish and is usually unregulated. Usually, the player will gamble their skin in return of their own and an opponents skin, which is delivered to their library. Steam has forever battled against these Skin betting sites, like CSGOEmpire.

Skin betting can be very profitable when you place your bet correctly and on the right betting type.

Skin Betting Types


This is a gambling system that is superior to any other form at esportsjunkie.com. It is because your skills and experience come into play and can impact your outcomes only as you play odds.


The betting type Jackpot comes with the highest risk but highest returns, the game is simple and great fun for those who love CSGO. All players will input their skins into one jackpot where one player wins all.


One of the most popular, Roulette is either black or red, in which players place their skin on either or and have various odds. For example, Skinpay offers a wide range of Roulette games.


Coinflip is highly popular, while it’s self-explanatory, it’s tossing the coin. You place your bet on either or and have decent amount of design functions that meet the game with Skinpay.


Crash is one of the most exciting methods within the CSGO gambling world. Most CSGO crash sites you can test out with free cases and coins, you can use our bonus codes. You have to press “Cashout” before the game crashes otherwise you’ll lose your bet. It’s one of the risker games but very fun.