Best CSGO Betting Sites

Combat-themed online competitive video games have always enjoyed gross popularity. A few of these games have managed to maintain a competitive edge by consistently introducing new features each year. In the first-person shooter category, Counter Strike Go, CSGO, is one of the most successful franchises. The series has released several appealing titles over the years and its most recent releases have attracted many fans.

The gameplay is very easy to understand and that’s what makes this game a great opportunity to bet on. In a nutshell, a team’s objective is to take out the opposing team using a set of weapons and strategic resources. In our guide, we will take you on a tour to discover how best you can enjoy betting on CS: GO matches and tournaments.

CSGO is one of the most popular esports, with that, esports betting sites have started to offer bets on tournaments such as ESL, IEM and other small esports tournaments. Our list of CSGO betting sites detail the best of the sites.

CSGO Betting Sites List

For those wondering, we discuss how we choose these sites below.

Check out our list of the most trusted CSGO betting sites: 


100% Bonus up to €500

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MrPlay Esports


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18+, Welcome Bonus: Only for new players, first deposit, minimum deposit: €10, maximum €100 bonus, valid for 14 days.
888 Sport

Deposit $50 - Play with $100

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18+, Welcome Bonus: Only for new players, first deposit, minimum deposit: €10, maximum €100 bonus, valid for 14 days.


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18+, Welcome Bonus: Only for new players, first deposit, minimum deposit: €10, maximum €100 bonus, valid for 14 days.

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18+, Welcome Bonus: Only for new players, first deposit, minimum deposit: €10, maximum €100 bonus, valid for 14 days.

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RankingCSGO Betting SiteBonus
2888 Sports£30
3Mr PlayMatched up to $100
4LuckboxMatched up to $100

Signs of The Best CS:GO Betting Sites

Picking the ideal site to use for Counterstrike betting is going to be an overwhelming task, especially for newcomers. There are loads of professional sportsbooks that have now diversified to include eSports. We’ve made it our job to help you identify the best ones. In recent years, the industry has shown significant growth. However, we are going to hold your hand and walk you through this maze. Here are a few factors that we look at when we choose the best betting sites.

Deposit Methods

One thing that you should be concerned about before you join any betting site is how you will handle your funds. You want to make sure that the gambling site supports convenient banking options that you can easily access. The safest online payment method is credit/debit cards like Visa and MasterCard but you may also use reliable eWallets such as PayPal and Skrill. We analyze and compare all CS: GO betting sites to determine the quality of their cashier section. The websites must include a variety of only the fastest and most secure banking methods to ensure customer convenience.


You cannot always trust all the websites that you see online. Because this is what we do, our team of experts takes time to dig a little deeper and have a closer look at each website. A trustworthy website should be licensed with the proper authorities. We make sure that an eSports betting site is registered with a respected regulator and that it has the cleanest reputation. Some of the most authentic licensing bodies are Malta Gaming Authorities, the Gaming Commission in Britain, and Gibraltar. It’s not only a matter of whether a Counterstrike site is registered or not, the most important thing is where the license is from.

Mobile Compatibility and Navigation

A crucial aspect to consider when choosing an online gambling platform is the ease of use. While online gaming allows you to play from the comfort of your, we know that punters typically prefer using their mobile devices which allows them to access their favorite betting sites while on the move.

So, as a team, we try out several websites on different Android and Apple smartphones to see how well they’ll work. And we’ve found some very interesting results. The majority of eSports bookmakers are making their websites mobile-friendly without the need to download an app. There is also a variety of sharp mobile apps that are perfectly crafted to get the job done.

Bonuses Available

Bonuses make your betting experience worth it. With a bonus, Counterstrike bettors get to place more bets for less. This brings you better chances of winning. With extra funds from a bonus, your betting experience will be more profitable for you. We went through a series of the best betting sites to compare, not only the size of the bonuses but also the bonus terms. No matter how big a bonus may be, it is the bonus terms that will make it profitable. We make sure that an operator’s terms and conditions are fair before we recommend it.

CS: GO Esports Bonuses

No punter can resist a good Counter Strike bonus. Nonetheless, it’s not every offer that lives up to expectations. There are many different types of bonuses and you must take your time and pick the right offer for you. Here are the most common ones for CS: GO betting.

Match Deposit Bonus

In most cases, betting sites will offer to match your deposit amount with a 100% bonus. So, if you deposit $100, you would get an extra $100 into your bankroll, bringing your total balance to $200. Some sites will be even more generous with this type of offer and give you up 200%. This means that if you deposit $100, the platform will give you an extra $200.

It is particularly important to access the terms and conditions, paying attention to the wagering conditions. For example, to withdraw a $100 bonus, you may be required to wager 10 times the amount. This means you must wager at least (10 × $100) $1,000 to claim your winnings.

No Deposit Bonus

This has to be the most wanted bonus on the web. Unlike with the Match Deposit bonus, a player will not be required to make an initial deposit. All you’ll need to do is set up an account and enter the promo code. The bookmaker will instantly credit your account with a bonus, which may be a bankroll amount or take the form of free bets.

The main advantage of this bonus is that the customer gets to try out some Counter Strike markets without the risk of losing your stake. You’ll also get practical exposure to the world of CS: GO and how betting on the game works.

Free Bet(s)

A free bet is a great opportunity to gain much-needed experience in eSports betting. To be eligible for the free bet, you must make the minimum required deposit. A free bet means that you get to make a wager with a specific amount for free. Usually, you would have to use the total amount on a single bet.

If you win, you will only get to keep your winnings but the stake will not be returned. For example, if you win us in a $100 at odds +200, you will only get to keep $200 while the $100 stake will not be credited to your account. You then have to wager your winnings a given number of times before withdrawing.

Risk-Free Bets

The risk-free bet is a bit different. Here, the operator will offer to reimburse your stake if your bet loses. To utilize the bonus, you have to create an account, make a deposit, and place the bet of your choice. If you lose, no problem. The sportsbook will reimburse your entire stake up to a certain amount. This means you can try again. If your bet wins, then, congratulations and you will not need to be reimbursed. So, the Risk-free bet is insurance.

Mobile Bonuses

Some CS: GO betting sites will offer bonuses that are specific to the mobile platform. Such promotions are usually meant to encourage bettors to use newly launched mobile platforms and apps. Mobile bonuses can take on any form. The Betting site may give you a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus that is more attractive than the one on the desktop version. Or you may receive a cool free bet. In most cases, customers can only claim one bonus. Thus, once you get the mobile bonus, you can’t touch the desktop version.

CS: GO Betting Markets

As mentioned before, the CS: GO betting markets are pretty broad. Many bookies avail several betting markets to give punters the liberty to choose how they prefer to approach the game. Plus, these betting markets also raise the game’s excitement a notch. Let’s dive into the most popular CS: GO betting markets you can explore.

Map Winner

Picking the team that wins a match or series is pretty standard with most esports games. But CS: GO betting takes things a level higher by allowing punters to predict the map winner. That’s because the teams in CS: GO face-off on several different maps. And it’s not uncommon for professional teams to enjoy different levels of success on varying maps. You have the opportunity

to predict which team will dominate and win a particular map. Of course, in-depth research into patterns relating to map draft will help you make knowledgeable betting decisions.

Final Score

In most cases, CS: GO games are played in best of three or five series, depending on the match. Instead of merely picking the winner of the match, you can predict the final score after the series ends. The only major condition here is accurate predictions are a must. Predicting a score closer to the final outcome won’t work. However, should you predict the final score correctly, expect serious value from your predictions.

Overtime or Draw on a Map

Here’s a rough back story of how Counter-Strike games work. They usually happen over 30 rounds. The first team to reach round 16 wins. If the 30 rounds are completed and a score of 15-15 results, the teams must go into overtime. Your goal with this betting market is to predict whether the teams playing the map will result in a draw leading to overtime or not. Most tournaments usually wind up in overtime. And the betting lines are often wide in this market.

Map Pistol Round Winner

CS: GO games are divided into two halves. And each team gets 15 rounds on defense and 15 rounds on offense. Each half of the match commences with what’s referred to as the pistol round. Here players start with limited money and are, therefore, forced to rely on grenades and pistols to win. If you opt for this betting market, you’re essentially predicting the team that will win the first or second pistol round for any given map. We’ll quickly mention that wagering on pistol rounds is better suited for hardcore CS: GO betting fans, who know the intricate strengths and weaknesses of teams regarding their skills with pistols.

CSGO Betting Sites Tips

There are lots of betting sites to choose from and different betting markets as well. You need to strategize and take full advantage of these bountiful opportunities. Here are a few tips on how you can maximize your Counterstrike betting experience.

Conduct Thorough Research

Read as much as you can on what CS: GO is and make sure that you understand all of the crucial aspects. The game isn’t really complicated but you must understand all the basics and more. Then, you must also find out information about the betting site at which you will be playing. Find out about the operator’s licensure and bonuses that are on offer. Most importantly read the terms and conditions. A simple clause in the terms and conditions may cause you to forfeit your bonus winnings.

Learn more about the team statistics

It is essential to analyze how a particular team is performing. In eSports betting, statistics is the most critical factor. It is easier to guess the winner of a match if you work with a mathematical approach. Here, it is important to try and avoid emotional attachment to specific teams. Just like any other physical sport, CS: GO demands skill and team coordination. However, it will take ages for your statistical analysis to make sense. Therefore, patience is really a virtue. So, it is important to follow as many matches as you can and compile comprehensive stats.

Make the most of your Bonus

Bonuses are generally, great for your gambling experience. However, not all bonuses are that great and you have to evaluate all the terms and conditions and make sure that you can still benefit from the offer. Now, a deposit bonus will boost your account balance which means you would be able to make more wagers without using excessive funds. You must then look for the best bet to make with this bonus and extend your pleasure. A no deposit bonus, on the other hand, means that you get to experience real money betting without using your own cash. Claiming such a bonus gives you a chance to explore the possibilities.

Know When to Quit

When you suffer a losing streak, do not be superstitious and think that you will somehow miraculously recover your losses. There are no miracles in gambling. Besides, always remember that the purpose of gambling is entertainment and not profits. When you realize that your losses are a little too much, just nip it in the bud and now out for just a moment. You can always return to make those wagers and rediscover your magic. Don’t let a negative spell spoil your Counterstrike experience. Always bet with your money in the right place.

What CSGO Sites Offer Live Betting?

Our website collects all the best CS: GO sites. We understand that players want to enjoy the action as it happens. We, therefore, take special care to include sites that offer live betting.

You may be wondering if any CS: GO betting sites offer live betting right now. Our simple answer is Yes. Over the years, several eSports betting sites offering live betting services have opened up. It’s great but it also means that there are now way too many options available to you. Not to worry, though. Our team of experts and gaming professionals has been busy as bees putting together a list of only the best Counterstrike live betting sites. We put emphasis on mobile sites because we know that the majority of punters now prefer using their mobile devices.

Live betting makes you feel like you are part of the action. In our analysis, we take great care, putting ourselves in the punter’s shoes. We present to you a meticulous list of only the best in-play betting platforms for Call of Duty.

CSGO Betting Sites Final Thoughts

CS: GO is one of the most popular eSport around. There are hordes of betting sites that have emerged over the years. Our team of experts has put together a perfect list of only the best options. We have examined different Counterstrike betting sites, paying particular attention to crucial aspects such as bonuses, deposit methods, licensure, mobile compatibility, and live betting. These and other aspects determine whether a betting site is worth joining. Our tips will help you enjoy your gambling experience. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to gambling. We recommend that you research all things CS: GO and take a closer look at betting site terms and conditions before committing to a bonus or bet.

Skin Betting Types


This is a gambling system that is superior to any other form at It is because your skills and experience come into play and can impact your outcomes only as you play odds.


The betting type Jackpot comes with the highest risk but highest returns, the game is simple and great fun for those who love CSGO. All players will input their skins into one jackpot where one player wins all.


One of the most popular, Roulette is either black or red, in which players place their skin on either or and have various odds. For example, Skinpay offers a wide range of Roulette games.


Coinflip is highly popular, while it’s self-explanatory, it’s tossing the coin. You place your bet on either or and have decent amount of design functions that meet the game with Skinpay.


Crash is one of the most exciting methods within the CSGO gambling world. Most CSGO crash sites you can test out with free cases and coins, you can use our bonus codes. You have to press “Cashout” before the game crashes otherwise you’ll lose your bet. It’s one of the risker games but very fun.