Operation Monarch from Warzone has the community divided, some say it’s awful others magical

w limited time event within Call Of Duty’s biggest game mode, puts players against the huge phenomenons in King Kong and Godzilla, exclusively within “Caldera”. For some this is a huge breath of fresh air as Call of Duty doesn’t really do big collaborations outside their franchise, however for others it appears as a childish and non related event within the game.

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Which are the top categories streamed on Twitch?

The Place to Be… Founded in America, Twitch is a live streaming service that allows you to watch video games being live-streamed as well as esports competitions. It also offers broadcasts of online poker, creative content, and music broadcasting. With so much to choose from, how do you know where to begin? Read on to…

How the Esports Game Industry is Changing

The Power of Esports One of the most exciting things about the gaming industry is that it never stands still; it is constantly growing and changing. In recent years, many games have evolved to the format of being ‘always live.’ This means that there are regular content updates and features that can help players stay…

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