Operation Monarch from Warzone has the community divided, some say it’s awful others magical

w limited time event within Call Of Duty’s biggest game mode, puts players against the huge phenomenons in King Kong and Godzilla, exclusively within “Caldera”. For some this is a huge breath of fresh air as Call of Duty doesn’t really do big collaborations outside their franchise, however for others it appears as a childish and non related event within the game.

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FAZE Clan advances to the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 thanks to a last round knife kill

Earlier today, FaZe clan became the first grand finalist in the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 after taking down team Spirit in quite an unusual manner, directly with a knife kill to win it all. Even though FaZe clan finished off the series with a win, this entire series hasn’t been easy by any means. At the very last minute of the game, Finn “Karrigan” Andersan closed out the win in the most exciting way possible, by getting a knife kill on Abdul “Degster” Ganasov, to win twenty three to twenty five.

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