Cheapest CSGO Knife

When it comes to CSGO the customisation of knives is endless, these are called ‘CSGO Knife Skins’ and the cheapest and most beautiful is always helpful. Some of these CSGO knife skins cost $10,000+

Cheapest Knife in CSGO

KnifeSafari MeshScorchedBoreal ForestUrban Masked
Navaja Knife60 – 85$60 – 120$55 – 140$55 – 320$
Gut Knife55 – 120$55 – 90$55 – 265$60 – 110$
Falchion Knife55 – 90$60 – 95$60 – 110$60 – 120$
Stiletto Knife65 – 150$52 – 140$55 – 160$60 – 191$

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3. Shadow Daggers (Boreal Forest)

Cheap CSGO skins - shadow dagger

The shadow daggers with boreal forest skin is one of the cheapest knife skins on the market today, these can range from $60 – $120 depending on market conditions. They have an interesting ‘inspect’ feature.

2. Falchion Knife (Safari Mesh)

Falchion cheap knife

This knife can be a good option if you are looking for a cheap knife on CSGO, it can range from $60 – $85 and can increase when going for a stat-track version.

3. Gut Knife (Standard)

Gut knife

Some Gut Knives can range in the thousands, but a standard without a stat-track can range from $80 – $120, which is slightly more expensive than our other knives in our list.

These don’t have the best visual aspect but it’s a fairly cool knife and you could use it on CSGOEmpire to upgrade your knife to something a little more visually attractive.

CSGO Skin Price

Many are asking why some skins are in the tens of thousands, well there are quite a hew factors that play into that pricing.

These are some:

  • Skin Quality
  • StatTrak (Kill-counter)
  • Limited edition skin
  • Hype

Some of these factors increase and decrease prices.

But the cheapest csgo skins right now are:

  • Safari Mesh
  • Scorched
  • Boreal Forest
  • Urban Masked
  • Forest DDPAT

These skins can be applied to the above weapons.

But how do we acquire these skins? Well, you can use the Stream community marketplace or use a site like CSGOEmpire or CSGOLounge. These sites can increase your item, if you’re lucky.

But if you don’t want to gamble (18+ you can trade, buy keys or use gambling sites like CSGOEmpire.

CSGO Keys for skins