PGL admits admin error during drafting phase

The PGL Bucharest Major is currently underway and it has already had a successful Day 1. However, it seems there is a controversy on admin decision implementation of the rules. The two teams were separated by a thin curtain as they entered the match. The drafting phase often forms a crucial part of the match strategy. Games can be often won or lost in the drafting phase itself. Evil Genius played against Pain Gaming in their first Group stage match. Peter requested the admins that both the teams be forced to wear their headsets heading into the drafting phase.

This is because while Pain Gaming can speak Russian and English, EG only speaks English. This puts them at a huge disadvantage going into the draft phase since Pain can understand their communications and probably plan ahead. This was not enforced by the admins, an error which PGL Admitted publicly in the tweet. Thankfully this did not result in a huge upset for the Evil Genius and they were still able to win the match.