OG will attend the Galaxy Battles 2 tournament

The Galaxy Battles 2 tournament, which is to be held in the Philippines has seen several controversies surrounding the event. Due to the country’s political stance, Valve first rescinded the Major status given to Galaxy Battles 2 tournament. This meant that the prize pool was halved and there would be no Pro Circuit points available for the participating teams. As a result of these changes, we have seen several professional Dota2 teams such as Virtus Pro and Kinguin pulling out of the tournament. Team OG will, however, be still participating in the tournament and it is a means of the team acknowledging their fans in the region.

Despite recent developments regarding Galaxy Battles, OG has decided to attend the tournament. Even though Galaxy Battles is no longer an official part of the Dota Pro Circuit, we feel like we owe it to our dedicated OG fans and the amazing Filipino Dota crowd that have already made plans to attend.
“It’s unfortunate things panned out the way they did, but the Philippines has always been a special country for OG. It was here we won Valve’s Manila Major and the fire from the Dota fans is truly inspiring. We are excited for the opportunity to return.” – Evany Chang, COO
For logistical reasons, we will be competing with a couple stand-ins. Our coach 7ckngMad will be playing in n0tail‘s place while KheZu will take up the offlane for s4. Even with the new faces, we still hope to deliver some awesome Dota 2 action to the Philippines!
Source: OG