eUnited Win Their First CWL Championship!

The 2019 CWL Championship marked the end of a unique year of competitive Call of Duty (CoD)–and UK teams have shown why they can hang out with the best in a tournament complete with upsets and stories.

At this year’s CWL Championship, 16 amateur teams and 16 CWL Pro League teams competed for the trophy with a vast range of talent.

eUnited reached the grand finals without losing a series as the CWL Finals in Miami. Meanwhile, 100 Thieves produced one of the tournament history’s biggest loser bracket runs.

There was no disappointment in the grand final between these two teams as Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves took off two maps from their rivals and compelled a fifth map. But for the CWL London winners, eUnited proved too strong and won the event in a dominant fashion, cementing their position in the history of Call of Duty.

eUnited (1st) $800,000 100
Thieves (2nd) $260,000
OpTic Gaming (3rd) $140,000
Enigma6 (4th) $110,000

Pool play at CWL Champs saw UK teams take large names as shockwaves were sent across the country.

Number two seeds in the Gen. G tournament lost 3-2 to Fuego Gaming at a tough beginning. The Fuego side was made up of UK veterans Hawqweh and Madcat, but as they lost their next two matches, they were unable to capitalize on this victory.

The luck of Gen. G was running out as the first team knocked out of the tournament after a loss to Team WaR, another UK squad with enormous potential. Team WaR played bracket but fell short, finishing in 9-12th place.

Maybe the event’s most unexpected run came from a roster predominantly British Team Singularity. With a 3-0 record, the amateur side overcame their pool, beating Luminosity’s likes and later Team Envyus.

A 9-12th finish was a comparatively unknown sterling undertaking from a side prior to the case. A remarkable output from Denmark’s CleanX helped his team defeat the Boys In Blue:

Team Reciprocity and Units were the two Australian teams that made it the furthest.

Both rosters placed juggernauts like FaZe Clan and Luminosity on a show, each offering them a 5-6th placement and a prize money of $75,000.

The new CoD team from Celtic didn’t do that good-they completed 25th-32nd.

CoD Champs of this year may be the last of its kind as it takes over next season from city-based franchising. Big names like OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan and Team Envy in Call of Duty could quickly be a distant memory.

That said, the 2019 World League Call of Duty Championship was definitely a fitting send off to the CWL currently.