Dr. Disrespect sues online platform Twitch

Beahm, also famous as Dr. Disrespect, a popular online content maker and gamer, has confirmed that he will sue Twitch for a ban from the content and streaming online platform in June 2020. He is not happy with the ban, but life goes on. Dr. Disrespect mentioned a new home as Youtube on the First Anniversary.

Beahm, popularly known as Dr. Disrespect, is known for super firebrand behaviour and aggression. He is a master over the gameplay titles for “Call of Duty” and Apex legend. His YouTube account, for which he currently produces content, has millions of online subscribers.

He’s a lot about the ban on Twitch ban on the first Anniversary on YouTube. Though he is known to speak rarely on the situation today, he talked in detail about it and its impact on his viewership. He said he had almost 23000 followers on Twitch. The subscribers are confirmed and published according to Twitch tracker and equal around the same viewers as well. Which would lead to a similar number of donations through broadcast? This also led to a decline in his association with multiple brands that see him associated with a ban from Twitch. The ban doesn’t bother him much, and he is perfect by moving on to the new platform, giving him the same amount of fame and importance.

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When Questioned to Dr. Disrespect if he knew the reason behind the ban, he did say that he was aware of the reason but would remain silent as his team was going to sue the platform on this issue. It’s always better to stay quiet and live the life that you’re like.

On the Twitch front, they have chosen to remain silent on the issue other than repeating their official statement that it usually bans an online content maker if there is “proof he has violated the community-based guidelines and also terms of service.”

Finally, though distant, the reason for Dr. Disrespect’s specific ban from Twitch will only be revealed only when he sues Twitch for the same.