Ashe is the new Overwatch hero while Echo might make a comeback to Overwatch in the future.

Blizzcon 2018 was always going to have Overwatch as a Major Component. Blizzard has released details of the latest hero to join Overwatch, Ashe. However, there was also the introduction of yet another character in the animated short, Echo.

Reunion – The Animated Short.

The Animated short answers questions that the community was asking. Over the past few weeks, there have been subtle changes to the 

Payload, but fans are quick to check out any changes. Aptly titled ‘Reunion’, this animated short features Jesse Mccree meeting up with several of his old comrades. As his former acquaintance Ashe seeks to loot the broken train in Route 66, Mccree has eyes only for one crate.

As the story unfolds [ in classic Noon Showdown], we learn later that the crate contains ( A robot?) Echo. Mccree has fond memories of Echo, and he also revealed that the Overwatch team wants him [ and her] back on their team. This points to Echo being a part of Overwatch, possibly before the Blackout segmentation. It also points to the fact that the Overwatch team is looking to get back together and they have asked Mccree to join them as well.

This animated short holds several clues for how the Overwatch Lore will proceed. Not only is Echo’s introduction exciting, but it is also important to understand the history and future of Overwatch. However, Echo is not the newest hero release in Overwatch. Instead, it is Ashe who will be a part of the game.

Ashe of the Deadlock Gang.

Ashe is an old acquaintance of Mccree. The animated short reveals clues that they used to work together at some point in their past.

Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe is a DPS hero and has a very diverse toolkit. It has some abilities, hitherto unseen in Overwatch. The hero is a hitscan [ of sorts ]. She shoots from her hips using semi-automatic rifles. She also has a short cannon which pushes back her opponents as well as propels her backwards. This is an important kit to reposition herself quickly, something that has been the bane of hitscan heroes till now in Overwatch.

In addition to this, Ashe also has a way of dealing with multiple Shields. She has a dynamite at her disposal which will explode when she shoots at it. Her projectile of the Dynamite will be crucial to deal damage to opponents even behind shields.

Finally her ultimate is something unique in Overwatch. She summons B.O.B. an automated character to help her. The moustached B.O.B. charges towards the enemy and propels them into the air. He then continues shooting at them with arm cannons.

There is no announcement regarding the final release date, but we expect it to come to the PTR soon.