OpTic crowns Halo World Championship after taking down Cloud9

OpTic Gaming moved to the top of the Halo charts this weekend by winning the $1 million HCS World Championship. It was a monumental moment for the organization, and came just weeks after the team won big at the Orlando HCS Major. This has been a relatively close season between the likes of OpTic, Sentinels and Cloud9, but the team in green managed to snatch the ultimate prize in Halo eSports.

Technical problems cause a lot of drama at Halo World Championship

An otherwise uneventful first day of competition at the Halo World Championship was mired in controversy in the final hours when a very close showdown between eUnited and European champion Acend was decided by a competition ruling. “Unacceptable is not the word,” said Respectful of Acend. “I have never seen this in my life.”

MultiVersus adds Stripe to its playable roster

Since its first release, MultiVersus has had a considerable amount of support with new characters getting added to its roster. However, not all of the changes are expanding things, the upcoming patch is bringing yet more combo changes to MultiVersus. After combos were hit in an earlier update, even more nerfs are coming. It now looks like further changes will limit combos even more.

Can India become a powerhouse in Esports?

India has been a talking point for many years when it comes to the video game industry. From the widespread stigma about video games to the fact that esports is not considered a viable career path, the Indian market has many demons to fight to grow this industry.

KOI confirms alliance with LEC team Rogue

KOI and Rogue have announced that they are joining forces in a strategic alliance. Although this first post has been deleted shortly after, Ibai has confirmed it later through a broadcast on his Twitch channel. This agreement means the arrival of KOI to the maximum continental League of Legends competition. The streamer himself has confirmed that they will use the name KOI, as long as Riot Games approves the change, which is a usual process in any signing or change that should not generate major problems.

Forza Horizon 5 embraces Esports with Honda Fan Cup Finale

While Forza Motorsport as a franchise currently sits at a low point, awaiting the release of Forza Motorsport in Spring 2023, the only available offering at current is Forza Horizon 5, a game that isn’t built or inclined in any way towards esports, let alone being able to support it.

OpTic Gaming claims HCS Orlando Major title

OpTic Gaming continued its spree of domination this weekend at the HCS Orlando Major. Between the 23rd and the 25th of September, the best Halo teams in the world descended upon Orlando, Florida to fight it out for the share of the $350,000 prize pool. By the time the dust had settled, OpTic Gaming had effortlessly claimed the top prize, going through the entire tournament with a near-perfect record.

G2 Esports CEO Carlos Rodriguez resigns

Carlos Rodriguez has stepped down as CEO of G2 Esports, the company announced via their social networks. Rodriguez was placed on eight-week leave after he was seen partying with alleged misogynist and human trafficker Andrew Tate in a video posted to Twitter. He has now parted ways with the company entirely.

Free Fire FFWS 2022 Bangkok – All you need to know

In November, The Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is set to return with its second edition in 2022. The FFWS will head to Bangkok, Thailand for the first time to crown a world champion. Top teams from around the world will head over to Bangkok to compete across several matches in Free Fire for a share of an undisclosed prize pool and bragging rights. Let’s go over everything we know so far about the FFWS 2022 Bangkok.

Street Fighter 6 Beta – All you need to know

Street Fighter 6’s journey to release has been pretty busy. Details are released all the time, with the latest batch of announcements being huge. Street Fighter 6 Beta packed with new features was unveiled last week. We’ve got confirmation of most of the major new features hitting the game. We now even know when and how the process is gonna go. This is looking like one of the fullest Street Fighter experiences.

All the information from latest Nintendo Direct

The latest Nintendo Direct was recently aired, and the livestream held information about all the upcoming games, events and updates. Fans tuned in to see what the company might be doing with their favorite game franchises. Mario, Pokémon and Zelda all had a little bit of attention as well as other major franchises. There were several key announcements during a 40 minute stream. Gamers are understandably excited. Today we’ll be going over everything that was announced.

Ubisoft dives deep into Mobile Gaming with three new games

Recently, developers have been making stronger and more tangible advances in the realm of mobile gaming. As mobile gaming becomes increasingly popular, more developers are stepping up to create meaningful experiences for gamers on the go. For years, mobile esports have been expanding in terms of popularity and value, but now, developers are seeking to build titles that bring full-fledged adventures to handheld devices.