CSGO ESL Pro League Season 16 Group D predictions

Group D at the ESL Pro League is shaping up to be the most clear cut of them all. We have three clear favorites facing underdogs in what should look like an easy day for some CSGO bets. We break down our predictions and reasoning below, making it easier for you to assess what markets fit best.

Dota 2 BTS Pro Series Season 12 SEA Group Stage predictions

The BTS Pro Series Season 12 Southeast Asia is back with its twelfth season and offers decent competition before the International 11 commences. Over the next 10 days, we have a packed schedule of what is essentially pre-Ti scrims and some interesting practice for new rosters ahead of the roster re-shuffle.

Smash Glitch: Regen 2022 – What to expect from the event

Smash Ultimate Summit 5 just wrapped up with historic and shocking results, but some of the top-placing players are already looking towards their next major this weekend. Glitch: Regen is kicking off over the weekend. This will be three full days of action, and going to host some of the top players from Summit have another crack at a major win.

Crimsix officially retires from competitive Call of Duty

Crimsix, the winningest Call of Duty player in history, has officially announced his retirement from competitive Call of Duty. He explained in a video posted on YouTube that there was a ‘huge generational gap’ that he was struggling to deal with, and he was essentially one of the few remaining veterans from an age-old breed of COD competitors. Following sixteen years of competition that have brought 38 major wins, three world championships, and over $1 million in winnings, Crimsix has now retired.

Free Fire FFWS 2022 Bangkok – All you need to know

In November, The Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is set to return with its second edition in 2022. The FFWS will head to Bangkok, Thailand for the first time to crown a world champion. Top teams from around the world will head over to Bangkok to compete across several matches in Free Fire for a share of an undisclosed prize pool and bragging rights. Let’s go over everything we know so far about the FFWS 2022 Bangkok.

Interesting meta in League of Legends Worlds 2022

With the single most important League of Legends event of the year kicking off very soon and the teams gearing up for the tournament, it’s time to look at the most important picks and bans that we might see during the competition. We will be basing ourselves on the patch preview Riot has put on the PBE so far.

One of the biggest upsets happened in Smash Ultimate Summit 5

Smash Ultimate Summit 5 played out this weekend. The tournament’s roster included basically all major winners in the game for this year. However, the results were surprising. The Smash Ultimate Summit 5 results had a lot of upsets, with a historic finish for MKLeo along with a new major winner.

Sentinels and NRG secure VALORANT partnership

Sentinels, arguably the most popular organization in VALORANT, has secured partnership with Riot Games. The North American organization will join the Americas league next year alongside nine other teams from across the region.

Street Fighter 6 Beta – All you need to know

Street Fighter 6’s journey to release has been pretty busy. Details are released all the time, with the latest batch of announcements being huge. Street Fighter 6 Beta packed with new features was unveiled last week. We’ve got confirmation of most of the major new features hitting the game. We now even know when and how the process is gonna go. This is looking like one of the fullest Street Fighter experiences.

The 2023 CDL Season start date has been officially revealed

For years, Call of Duty esports fans have argued against the long breaks in-between seasons. Every year, the off-season period lasts anything up to seven months, and it creates a massive rift between a new Call of Duty title launching and the esports season beginning. Now, owing to a drastic review of the structure ahead, the Call of Duty League 2023 season will begin on December 2nd, 2022. It’s the shortest break we’ve ever seen between seasons.

These League of Legends players will surprise you at Worlds 2022

The World Championship is one of the most intense meetings of talent in League of Legends each year. But with 24 teams and well over 100 individual players in attendance, it’s easy to focus only on the handful of superstars. There’s a good chance you probably missed the career trajectories of some of Worlds’ lesser-known players during the domestic portion of the season as it’s impossible to keep an eye on everyone, no matter which region you watch primarily.

Dota 2 TI11- The prize pool is lower than in previous years

Ti11 will likely feature a lower prize pool than any of previous years. Prize funds for this event have grown and grown, regularly setting new records. Dota 2′ premier event is still unbeaten industry-wide in terms of financial earnings. However, this year’s Battle Pass and crowdfunding are moving at a slower pace than expected, and the prize pool seems to reflect it.

Talon Esports qualifies for The International 2022

Southeast Asia had a lot of changes and odd circumstances impact how its qualifiers for The International 2022 looked, but in the end, fans will get to see Talon Esports make its TI debut in the organization’s first season after they made a 3-2 comeback against Polaris Esports. 

All the information from latest Nintendo Direct

The latest Nintendo Direct was recently aired, and the livestream held information about all the upcoming games, events and updates. Fans tuned in to see what the company might be doing with their favorite game franchises. Mario, Pokémon and Zelda all had a little bit of attention as well as other major franchises. There were several key announcements during a 40 minute stream. Gamers are understandably excited. Today we’ll be going over everything that was announced.

Dota 2 TI10 True Sight – All you need to know

September 24, 2022 marks the premiere of Valve’s TI10 True Sight, featuring Team Spirit and PSG.LGD. Hence, fans are excited to relive the journey of Team Spirit’s Road to becoming the International 10 Champions and a look into LGD’s second time to feature in the TI True Sight series.

CSGO ESL Pro League Season 16 – Group C overview

Starting on September 14th, six teams from the C group of ESL Pro League Season 16 will commence their journey. Three teams are going to go through, while the bottom three teams are packing their bags as they will be eliminated.

Ubisoft dives deep into Mobile Gaming with three new games

Recently, developers have been making stronger and more tangible advances in the realm of mobile gaming. As mobile gaming becomes increasingly popular, more developers are stepping up to create meaningful experiences for gamers on the go. For years, mobile esports have been expanding in terms of popularity and value, but now, developers are seeking to build titles that bring full-fledged adventures to handheld devices.

Team Liquid will have a different roster for 2023 season

Team Liquid owner Steve Arhancet addressed the organization’s fans today following a disappointing end to the franchise’s League of Legends season. In the video posted to Twitter, Arhancet confirmed that the team’s League roster will be different in 2023.