FAZE Clan advances to the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 thanks to a last round knife kill

Earlier today, FaZe clan became the first grand finalist in the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 after taking down team Spirit in quite an unusual manner, directly with a knife kill to win it all. Even though FaZe clan finished off the series with a win, this entire series hasn’t been easy by any means. At the very last minute of the game, Finn “Karrigan” Andersan closed out the win in the most exciting way possible, by getting a knife kill on Abdul “Degster” Ganasov, to win twenty three to twenty five.

DOTA 2 pro “Ninjaboogie” from Team SMG for a controversial reason

Ninjaboogie former Team SMG player shared recently that he was kicked out of the team on May 20th. Roster changes are quite usual within esports however the possible reason Ninjaboogie provided for the chop is incredible to hear. According to the former Team SMG player, he was released from the team because they believed he would perform badly due to his recent mother passing. His explanation caused community wide criticism of the esports team’s decision. 

All you need to know about League of Legends’ MSI Rumble Stage

After a grueling groups stage filled with rematches, upsets and absolute bangers, the Mid Season Invitational is set to start its rumble stage on May 20. Where six teams in T1, G2, Evil Geniuses, Saigon Buffalo, PSG Talon and Royal Never Give Up, will battle it out in 5 days to scale all the way to the finals.

Match fixing accusations continue to appear within CSGO

Counter Strike Global Offensive is no stranger to match fixing scandals, some of them rumors while others proven including harsh penalties. The latest accusation to come out includes former professional players where the standout is “HObbit” currently playing for Cloud9 in the PGL Antwerp Major.

Apex Legends Mobile-Release date, exclusive character and more

Currently the most played battle royale Apex Legends is set to fully release its mobile port, after a couple of months with regional testing it will release in a couple of hours exactly on May 17th. Be prepared to start downloading to put your hands in the next battle royale entry on mobile.

What to expect from the PUBG Nations Cup

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is set to start a new incursion within the esports scene. Regularly they have the usual league system with a final tournament for the best teams in the world, however a new format has appeared in the Nations Cup. 

PUBG Mobile surpasses 7.5$ billion in total revenue

Mobile gaming has absolutely blown up in certain regions of the world, specially within Asia and America. The latest title to step up into the high ends of the mobile world is Player Unknown Battlegrounds and its mobile version.