Best Mobile Esports Games -> Mobile Gaming

Mobile esports games are here to stay, it’s one of the biggest aspects of the video gaming industry so far. Free mobile games like Fortnite, Clash Royale and Critical Ops are by far breath-taking in quality compared to standard PC games like CSGO.

Some ‘hardcore’ gamers may condemn the mobile gaming industry, however, it doesn’t halt the rise in mobile esports games.

First-person shooters like Call of Duty have transitioned into the mobile esports world and also In-life sports stimulators like Fifa. With new technological advancements in smartphones, these game developers can go beyond what we thought was possible.

Most esports betting sites are focussing on PC games like CSGO and Dota 2, some bookies like Unikrn and Pinnacle have branched into bets on mobile betting.

Top Mobile Esports Games

Mobile games and gaming is beyond convenient for gamers across the globe, with just needing a smartphone rather than an entire gaming setup.

It seems like there is no stopping to the mobile gaming boom whether it is playing a novelty like Fortnite on a tablet or trying a bit of PUBG mobile gaming on your mobile phone.

Many critics might say it will never be a console for you to tap and swipe on a smartphone. But millions do something pleasant with the ease of gaming on the go, from Hearthstone to a Call of Duty on a mobile phone.

Here are the Best Mobile Esports Games:

  • Fortnite
  • PUBG
  • Clash of Royale
  • Critical Ops (Similar to CSGO)

Games like PUBG and Fortnite host multi-million prize pool tournaments with viewership figures in the millions, so PUBG and Fortnite both belong in the ‘esports games’ category.

Furthermore, many suggest that Fortnite isn’t an esport, we’ll let you decide.

Will Mobile Gaming Take PC Gaming?

Now, many ask the question, will PC Gaming stay dominant? – Smartphones are providing an immersive experience when it comes to gaming, although, we don’t think that mobile gaming will ever take over PC Gaming.

In the long term, there seems to be a hardcore group of players who live with their gaming equipment. It is doubtful that today’s serious gamer will compromise the quality of their entertainment with the benefit of mobile gameplay, as more processing power and more touch controls are available.

But as younger generations love video games, we could see console games gradually phased out unconsciously. The best mobile games in the future would make the idea of console gaming completely redundant with increasingly strong smartphones and tablets.

Future of Mobile Gaming and PC Gaming?

Both Mobile Gaming and PC Gaming will stay alike. However, in the world of esports, PC gaming will stay dominant. But we hope that mobile gaming will stay and be included in many esports tournaments.