Best League of Legends Betting Sites

Best League of Legends Betting Sites

League of Legends is one of the best battle arena games on the market, the game was developed by famous developer Riot Games in 2009. Now, League of Legends is one of the most beloved video game on the planet, ‘Worlds 2019’ received 3.93m viewers earlier this year, a record-breaking number.

Competitive League of Legends

The competition Professional League of Legends includes the professional gamers who compete in League of Legends, which was published in 2009 by Riot Games. Season 1 Championship debuting at DreamHack in Sweden launched with professional tournaments in 2011.

League of Legends is one of the biggest sports in the world with different annual tournaments. In professional gaming, the League of Legends had prize money of $29,203,916, 40,083 players and 1,718 tournaments as of June 2016 as against Dota 2, a prize cash prize worth of $64,397,286 and 1,495 players and 613 tournaments.

In Dream Hack, Sweden, the 1st Season Championship took place in June 2011. Teams from Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia won the tournament and won the US$ 50 thousand prize money from the European Fnatic team.

More than 1,6 million viewers saw the stream of the event in a semifinal match with over 210,000 simultaneous viewers. Following Season 1, Riot announced a $5 million payout in Season 2. The Riot partners, including the IPL, and other main esports associations, were allocated $2 million of this amount. There were also $2 million in playoffs and tournaments in Season 2 of Riot. The final one million dollars was spent on small organisers who are applying for the League of Legends tournaments in Riot.

How To Find The Best League of Legends Betting Sites

Finding the right betting site isn’t easy, especially with esports, we’ve reviewed multiple bookies that covers esports from Betway to Unikrn. If you’re looking for the best website for free bets or the best way to deposit cash, read below.

Our main esports betting sites guide can be found on our website, however, this guide is a detailed account of League of Legends betting.

Esports betting sites are constantly becoming more accommodating to new players due to more competition, we’re constantly updating bonuses and promotions section on our own esports betting sites guide.

We’d recommend starting off with Betway esports or Bet365 esports.

League of Legends Betting Odds

The probability of an event occurring represent the odds. You’d probably think about this as “chance” outside of the betting world, and we measure this in a percentage.

There is a 95 percent chance of this happening.’ Betting odds only in a slightly different format do the same thing. In the end, you still look at the chance of an event. There are for example two possible results in a League of Legends match, one squad either loses or the other wins.

All teams have chance to win, even if one is better than the other.

It is the job of sports bookies to calculate the chance that this event takes place on the basis of different factors, like form, history and countless other factors. The bookies then express this probability as their odds.

The UK odds typically presents this probability as a percentage. So the probability of a team winning a game are 4/1-in the layman’s context, they are likely to win 1 match if they play 4 games.

Some books are also used as decimals to describe these possibilities.

As mentioned, fractional odds are the most common format for expressing odds when betting on sports or on sports.

It is 20% chance of winning the match in the game. we mentioned above, in which one side has a 4/1 winning potential. You can convert fractional odds relatively easily into a percentage.

Here are some examples of Decimal odds:

$100 stake > 1.50 odds of > Return $150

$50 stake > 2.00 odds of > Return $100

$200 stake > 3.50 odds of > Return $700

Stake x Odds = Potential Returns

Stake x (Odds – 1) = Total profit

Here are some examples of Moneyline/American odds:

$100 stake > +300 odds of > Return $400

$200 stake > +200 odds of > Return $600

$500 stake > +125 odds of > Return $1,125

Negative cash line odds show how much you need to gamble for $100 profit. If you’ve ever seen -120 odds, you’re sure a $120 bet can earn you $100. Again, for a total return profit of $220, you would get back your stake. See these additional examples to clarify this concept further.

$150 stake > -150 odds of > Return $250

$100 stake > -200 odds of > Return $150

$200 stake > -105 odds of > Return $390.48

Calculating potential returns from American style odds:

Stake x (Odds/100) = Potential Profit

The following formula is required for negative cash line odds.

Stake / (Odds/100) = Potential Profit

Once again, just add your total stake to the total potential return score. Remember, only money in this format is equal to +100.

Positive percentages are used when bet is answered. If wager is impossible, it’s negative

Bonuses and Promotions 

Most bookies are currently offering bonuses on esports, including Betway, which is offering a $30 free bet on any esports event, this free bet is on sign up only, check out our esports betting sites guide which includes all free bets on esports bookies.

Many are offering bets on esports, like these:

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