Best Esports Betting Tournaments

Almost all tournaments accept esports bets, even the smaller tournaments. These tournaments had prize pools totalling hundreds of millions throughout 2019. The best esports betting tournament, League of Legends Worlds had tens of thousands of bets placed on it.

Multiple esports games like CSGO, League of Legends, Dota 2 and Call of Duty have tournaments involved, with esports fans constantly betting on their favorite tournament and esports game.

The rapid increase in esports events means you can constantly bet on your favorite teams, either weekly or monthly, events like DreamHack, ESL and League of Legends Worlds.

Top Esports Betting Tournaments

Many esports punters monitor tournaments online and bet while watching, making the tournament overall so much more entertaining and exciting.

So these are the best esports betting tournaments:

1. League of Legends Worlds

Worlds, also known as League of Legends World Championship, had the largest viewership in 2019 in terms of tournament viewership. Thanks to League of Legends enormous player base, around 100million active users a month.

Organised by game developers Riot Games, the event sees multiple layers, so this is perfect for long-lasting betting. The prize pool was set at $4,000,000 with Samsung Galaxy winning the title receiving $1,700,000.

2. StarLadder CSGO

One of CSGO’s most rated event, StarLadder, is one of the Value-sponsored major. The tournament sees a $1,000,000 prize pool with Astrails taking a $500,000 cut from the $1m prize pool. The Berlin Major section of StarLadder is the most notable event stage.

There were eight teams in each regional qualifier known as “Minors” They also had an awards pool of US$ 50,000 for each child, with US$ 30,000 on the first place, $15,000 on the second place and $5,000 on the third. Like recent Minors, the Minors have not been invited directly by any teams. For third place playing in, there is no prize pool. On July 17 and July 21, Europe and America Minors will start. On 24 July and 28 July CIS and Asia Minors will begin and run until 28 July, with the third place on 29 July.

3. Overwatch League

Overwatch League, sometimes known as OWL. This league is a very long-lasting league, starting in January and ending in late July this period sees 12 teams competing in four stages and completing almost 250 matches, so for this league, it’ll have plenty of esports betting opportunities.

The Overwatch League has a prize pool of $3,500,000, which is fairly impressive. In 2019, The San Francisco Shock took the crown taking $1,000,000.

Betting on a team at Overwatch League means you can track the progress of the team.

4. IEM Katowice

The IEM Katowice is one of the Valves sponsored CSGO Major Championships. The tournament is one of IEM’s favorite locations seeing a $1,000,000 prize pool with 24 teams competing for the title.

In 2019, Katowice saw Astrails winning the title, taking home $500,000. This event is perfect for any type of esports betting.

5. The International

Dota 2 sees hundreds of tournaments per year. The International is sometimes known as TI is the most popular Dota 2 tournaments of the year. This tournament was organised by Valve, so the tournament is well organised and the team structure is perfect. The prize pool saw $25.5m, a huge prize pool in terms of esports tournaments. This is one of the reasons that we have a dedicated DOTA 2 betting sites page.

The tournament only lasts 10 days, 18 teams competing for the huge prize pool, the group stages see 16 matches in a double-elimination style.

If you’re looking for esports tournaments to bet on, The International shouldn’t be missed when considering the tournaments.

Best Esports Tournament Betting Sites

There are certain betting sites that offer the best esports odds, these sites can better your experience, for example, free live streaming services and brilliant welcome offers by the various esports betting sites. Be sure to check out our esports betting sites guide.

How many esports tournaments were there last year?

There were almost 4,000 tournaments last year, this number is ever-increasing, which leads to more betting markets, better prize pools and more exciting gameplay.

These events took place all over the world, with international teams playing.