Best Dota 2 Betting Sites

Best Dota 2 Betting Sites

 Esports betting sites come in all shapes and sizes, with different bonuses and welcome offers to different betting types, now how do you know which one to choose? Which one has the safest way to deposit? The bests payout and odds tracker? – In this guide, we outline these things. 

How Do I Know a Team is Winning?

This is a very good question. Let’s say we’ve got a hard carrying team. The other team are pushers who compete for the T2 and head for the T3 tower. At this time, our hard drive is approaching an element that helps to maintain or mitigate the damage. Our anti-magician has his fury and farm is easy already. The toon is able to look back on a small HP boost.

But how do we know the losing team is ready to win? We compare farms simply. Simple. Yes, one or two towers might have been used by the pushers, but our tower is agriculture. And when it is over, the enemies must negotiate with a toon that has scattered the most.

If you see pushers confidently, moving, that’s because they know what they face. More figures may be the gold of a minute and the EXP of a team every minute. Fortunately, these statistics are readily available when viewing a game.

How to Find the Best Dota 2 Betting Sites? 

How do I find the best Dota 2 betting site? Good question! – There are many signs of a brilliant betting site, security for deposits and withdrawals, event coverage, betting types and many other features of an esports betting site, or sports betting site. 

Naturally, a matter of opinion is what is right. Although some of them are just looking for the best Dota 2 bonus others are looking for quick withdrawal times, customer support and a wide range of Dota 2 bets types. Not to mention the option of betting on skins and of downloading a mobile application for better betting on the move.

No matter what you are looking for personally on a Dota 2, we’ve collected the best overall in this article. They offer you a world-class experience and have been selected carefully from almost 40 different experiences on which we played and reviewed at, check out our overall best esports betting sites guide.

Dota 2 Betting Types 

  • Moneyline
  • Totals
  • Spreads
  • Proposition Bets
    • The first team to get to 10 kills
    • Who will draw the first blood?
    • Which team will destroy the highest amount of towers?
  • Tournament win
    • Which team will win The International?
    • Which team will win MDL Chengdu?

Dota 2 Market and Betting Odds

Dota 2 betting odds are generally given in two types: American odds or decimal odds. The bulk of sportsbooks choose one or the other as a standard, but many encourage the best to choose the one that they choose. The below is a description of how both versions of these odds work so that when you bet on Dota 2 you know what to do.

A “-” or a “+” in front are American odds. For example, a Dota 2 matchup of Forward Gaming with the evil geniuses as a favoured bet can be classified as Forward Gaming (+ 200) against Evil Geniuses (-300).

The following number “-“shows how much a better must wager to earn $100. So you’d need to bet $300 in the Evil Genies at -300 to win $100 in this case. The payout ratio is the same no matter how much you risk $30 to invest $10 or $600 to spend $200. The number after the “+” is how much you will benefit from the $100 bet for the Underdog Forward Gaming.

So a $100 + 200 bet gives you a $200 advantage or a $350 bet would be a $700 reward if forward gaming is the winner.

Decimal odds show you the total payout rather than your wins. The instance above is Forward Gaming (3.00) vs Evil Geniuses (1.33). The example above. A $100 bet on Forward Gaming is $100x 3x $300= $100 back + a gain of $200. A 1.33 bet of $300 on Evil Geniuses would pay $300x 1.33= $400, back $300 and profit of $100.

Famous Dota 2 Tournaments 

The International – Prize Pool, $34,330,068

The International is the annual Dota 2 video game world championship, organised and produced by Valve Corporation, the developer of the game. The International was presented at Gamescom for the first time as an annual promotional event for the game in 2011. 

The tournament includes 18 teams; 12 teams are invited directly based on the results of the Dota Pro Circuit series and six winning regional qualifying playoff brackets, each coming from the countries of North America, South America, South East Asia, China, Europe and CIS. OG, also the only team which has won an International more than once, is the new winner.

Since 2014, a battle pass system has crowded the tournament prize pool with 25% of all revenue added directly to the prize pool. Internationals have every sporting event’s biggest single-tournament prize pool, each route continuously exceeding the previous year’s, with the latest one having over $34 million. Aegis of Champions Trophy is presented to tournament winners with the titles engraved behind them.

MDL Chengdu – Prize Pool,  $1,000,000 

The MDL Chengdu Major will be the tenth version of the Mars Media Flagship Tournament. It is going to be the first major of the DPC season 2019/20 and the third biggest for MDL. In November 2019 sixteen of the best teams of the world must meet in Panda Capital in order to win the global 2020 award and the US$ 1.000.000 reward pool for their share of lucrative DPC points.

Gambling Real Money on Dota 2 

The first two should be familiar to most people who are acquainted with betting outside of athletics. Playing money and gambling for real money is often available on the same websites, with money being a substitute for gambling online (for example, in the United States).

The kind of bets people make is who’s going to win a game, a future bet on a tourney winner, a bet on how far a tournament team is going, etc. Pinnacle Sports and bet365 are the platforms which sell sports games. We are also supporters of Betway Esports, selling a variety of games, including several matches for Dota 2.