Best CSGO Crash Sites

EsportsJunkie has put together a list of the best CSGO crash sites which also include a variety of other games such as coinflip and roulette. This list of the best CSGO crash sites available has been tested and reviewed thoroughly, so be assured that these sites will offer a trustworthy and fantastic experience.

Before instantly signing up to a CSGO gambling site there are multiple factors you want to lookout for. A trustworthy site is often the case when it comes to CSGO gambling, some may hold a license from Curacao or other bodies.

The Curaçao Gaming Control Board is fairly popular when it comes to CSGO gambling sites and specialises in this area. Sites holding a CGCB license is often a good sign as they constantly check their code to ensure trustworthiness.

9 Best CSGO Crash Sites 2021

List of the best CSGO crash sites:

  • CSGOEmpire
  • CSGORoll
  • Roobet
  • CSGOPolygon
  • WTFSkins

Factors of The Best CSGO Crash Sites

We’ve determined the best CSGO crash sites using a list of factors, and you may have wondered how we’ve used this criterion to rate each of the sites. Below is a list of the factors used:

  • Bonuses – CSGO gambling sites that do not offer a bonus to kick things off, it’s rare they’ll actually gain any traction. Sites like CSGOEmpire that offer bonuses owe their success to their fantastic bonuses and welcome offers. More often than not sites will offer free cases, and to make it onto our list of the best CSGO crash sites they’ll need to offer promotions, bonuses and free cases.
  • Customer Service – Both experts and beginners sometimes may need help and customer service. To make it onto our list of the best CSGO crash sites you’ll need to have excellent customer service and plenty of methods to get into touch. 
  • Fair Wagering – When CSGO gambling sites offer customers bonuses you’ll often come attached with wagering requirements. The requirements determine how you’ll qualify for the bonus and these must be fair to make it onto our list. 
  • Game Variety – The best CSGO gambling sites on our list will feature more than just one game, for example, CSGO crash sites that include more than just crash games will succeed in our list. Roulette, coinflip and dice are all very popular. Lots of these platforms also offer esports match betting, which is a bonus on our review card.
  • Payment Methods – We live in a world where payment methods vary, from eWallets to credit cards you’ll find plenty of options. The majority of CSGO gambling sites will solely offer cryptocurrencies, but these are fairly secure payment methods. CSGORoll will offer some eWallets, but it’s rare to find this.

How CSGO Crash Betting Works

Avoid being intimidated by the thought of interpreting charts; CSGO crash is quite easy to understand and you may get started within minutes. There is usually only one crash game active on a gambling site at one time. Players can monitor their multiplier increase quantitatively on some of the CS:GO Crash sites on our list by using a graph that can be switched to the traditional Counter-Strike: GO defuse kit.

As soon as the previous round is over, a notice will appear, indicating that match betting for as soon as the round ends, players can spend coins from their wallets to put a wager on what multiplier it will end at from then on, you’ll be able to watch the multiplier increase, and then select when you want to payout. Your winnings will be based on your original stake multiplied by the multiplier at the moment you cashed out if you successfully cash out before the multiplier

To win 500 coins, simply wager 100 coins at the 5.00x multiplier and withdraw your winnings. In spite of the fact that it may seem like an easy chore, the fact that these multipliers are highly unpredictable is one of the things that makes CSGO

CSGO Crash Strategy Methods

Multiplier Hope

The multiplier hope is a fairly simple method to understand. Starting at $0.10 and working your way up to $150 and crash out at a 10x multiplier and the theory is that you’ll end up with a profit.

Martingale Method

This method has already been explained on our CSGO roulette sites page, but we’ll go over it again here. When it comes to the strategy, it’s You place a small bet (for example, 0.10$) and wait until the multiplier reaches 2, at which point you withdraw your winnings. There is a chance that the multiplier will go up to 2 and you will win 10 cent To protect yourself in case it crashes, you double your bet so that you bet 0.20$ the Now that you’ve won 0.40$, your profit is 0.10$ because you lost the previous bet of $0.10.

CSGO Crash Sites Final Thoughts

As you can see at EsportsJunkie we review the latest CSGO gambling sites and all things esports gambling. And unlike most of our competitors, many sites do not make it onto our list if they do not meet our criteria. As you’ve seen our review and criteria process is very thorough and does not leave anything out.

We ensure that all sites listed here offer you an enjoyable and trustworthy experience packed full of fun to all users. And obviously always offering fantastic offers for both new and existing customers.