Best CSGO Betting Sites

Best CSGO Betting Sites

Esports betting can be confusing and complicated, where is the best place to start? Which is the best type of bet? Our guide outlines the do’s and don’ts of esports betting, especially when betting on the famous first-person shooter ‘CS:GO.’ 

Our ratings for the best CS:GO betting site are based on: 

  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Coverage of CSGO Events

How Does Competitive CSGO Work?

Competitive CS: GO competitions are held all year round, which can be played in various formats, from a playoffs league system to a single players elimination tournament.

Though the game is mainly played online, the biggest prize pots at the Barclays Center in New York (home of the Brooklyn Nets) and London’s Wembley Arena, are often played live. Often there are big sports and entertainment facilities.

There are more and more eSports Leagues, the main game of which is CS:GO. CS:GO matches in North America and Europe are staged by the ESL Pro League, with over 20 teams competing regularly. Fans can stream CS: GO live and watch everything happening while betting on the result of matches and other betting types.

Also in reputation is the CS / GO Major Championships. Teams here compete for the chance to fight glory on the global stage through their own national credentials programmes— named Minors. Teams who have done well in the previous Championships in CS: GO will also be qualified to the next event.

Gamers competing for these teams can be paying big money and receiving huge cash prizes. And because of the large number of leagues in the world, the CS: GO game to wake up and bet on is always there!

Betting cash vs Skin Betting

You see that there are some parallels between regular esports betting and skin betting. In other words, they both risk something valuable by betting on matches.

But what you lose is the main difference. Traditional betting means wagering and winning real money, whereas skin wagering involves risking items

Here, you must buy your original stock for skin wagering. There’s some overlap here. But the real bets with game items are made.

In contrast, you deposit real money and risk the same funds with esports betting. The fact that you risk and win money makes this betting style closer to other gambling types.

Skin betting would nevertheless be luminous in the same class. After all, before you start gambling, you must buy the initial products with real money.

The fact that you also can sell these items for real money makes your skin wager like traditional gambling.

However, traditional cash betting is more stable, convenient and supported by more bookmakers in the esports betting industry. 

How to find the best CSGO betting site

New sites provide several ways to make money on this famous first-person shooter for anyone heading for CS: GO. When betting, how do you when which site gives the best return and which ones offer you the safest way to deposit the cash to bet? 

Read our best esports betting sites to see which sites rank the highest in terms of security, bonuses and promotions and event coverage. 

Since there are more and more esports betting sites, you can always go to our best esports betting sites guide and see who gives your CSGO bet the most profitable chance. Brands such as Betway esports have become more accommodating by way of a competitive market.

CSGO Betting Types

Tournament win: The ‘tournament win’ bet allows the bettor to place a bet on the winner of the whole tournament, for example, Evil Geniuses will win the tournament. 

Match-winner: You can also bet on the outcome of a particular match collectively with the result of the entire game. Sometimes even top teams lose one round to a lot weaker participants, but the rest of the rounds are taken. Therefore, compared to the entire match it is harder to predict the winner of around. This sort of bet, on the other hand, will enhance your excitement and your joy when live betting on CSGO.

First kill: In the name, you place a bet on which team or player has the first kill. 

Number of X kills: Like above, you place a bet on which team or player gets the x amount of kills, for example, Team A gets 2 kills and Team B gets 4 kills. 

Most kills: This bet is another simple one, you place a bet on which team or player gets the most amount of kills throughout the entire match or tournament. 

Map Winner: You should bet that on certain map certain team will win with this form of CSGO betting.

The best CSGO Tournament to bet on

You would likely find it in limited tournaments such as the ESEA League qualifying rounds if you are interested in finding the most favourable odds for CSGO gambling.

And only if the big CSGO events take place can you find the best opportunity and they draw more public attention and publicity from the authors.

Keep an eye on the way CSGO betting sites offer chances on top tournaments such as the ESL Pro League and the ELEAGUE Major. It ensures you will profit from when a bookie attempts to conquer the pressure by giving opportunities that are too tempting for you to miss.