With 632,000 concurrent viewers, the ALGS Championship sets new highs across streaming platforms

In the Apex Legends Global Series: 2022 Championship we saw 40 teams battle it out at Raleigh, North Carolina. These teams were fighting for the title of the best Apex Legends team in the world, and also for a share of the $2,000,000 USD prize pool. While all of this was happening, the ALGS was busy setting new viewership standards for itself as the Esports Charts reported that the grand finals of the event reached a peak of more than 632,000 concurrent viewers.

Apex Legends’ community not satisfied with the current ranked ladder rewards amidst issues with matchmaking

Since the start of the current season, matchmaking has been a major talking point within the Apex Legends community. Following an earlier reset in ranks, players of varying skill levels have ended up where they don’t really belong skillswise, obviously resulting in lopsided matches. The problem isn’t just in casual parties, as ranked games have suffered the same fate. While some have asked for the system to be polished, others are now demanding better rewards in ranked, given how difficult the season has been.

Apex Legends players are outraged thanks to poor matchmaking and lack of updates in the Arena game mode

“Respawn has really just abandoned Arenas” seems to be the overall sentiment currently within the Apex Legends community. Matchmaking in Apex Legends continues to be a problem after Respawn made some hefty changes in its latest season. After a couple of tweaks, players’ ranks are jumping up and down with no consistency, including that the matchmaking process seems to be very random as well. This seems to be the case in a clip uploaded by a player where their teammate fails to do basic game tasks properly.

Apex Legends Mobile-Release date, exclusive character and more

Currently the most played battle royale Apex Legends is set to fully release its mobile port, after a couple of months with regional testing it will release in a couple of hours exactly on May 17th. Be prepared to start downloading to put your hands in the next battle royale entry on mobile.

Apex Legends’ community outraged by Kraber nerf

Apex Legends season 13 came with a lot of potential, some of it was executed perfectly while some did not hit as expected… literally. The Kraber has been a staple weapon within the franchise, bolstering the most amount of damage of any gun, however trading possible uptime and mobility.