Evil Geniuses sweeps MAD Lions 3-0, advancing to the 2022 World’s main stage

Evil Geniuses absolutely demolished MAD Lions in a series where qualification for the group stage of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship was at stake. The NA representative made quick work of the matter, as MAD Lions is now the only team from a major region to not advance the play-in stage now for a second time. 

MAD Lions have been eliminated from the 2022 World Championship while Evil Geniuses will travel back to NA for the main stage, thus officially all three NA teams remain in the main event of the tournament. Evil Geniuses had an incredible performance throughout the match, with all players contributing equally for the victory.

The first game of the series was definitely the closest one of the day. MAD Lions started well grabbing an early first blood, however Evil Geniuses reacted almost immediately with a counter gank that gave bot laner Kaori a double kill. At the 28 minute mark, both teams were still even in gold and resources going into most likely the last teamfight. But Evil Geniuses’ composition was better at scaling than MAD’s, allowing the NA representative to be comfortable as time passed into the game. After a well executed teamfight EG moved to kill the first Baron of the game which was not enough to end the game, however for the second Baron spawn Inspired was able to steal it thus sealing the fate of MAD Lions for certain.


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Going into game 2, Evil Geniuses’ jojopyun picked an incredible counterpick to a staple mid laner Sylas, bringing out Sett mid. This pick was looking to be an early game bully, however it was ElYoya who took the show in the top lane in the early stages of the game. Nevertheless, in the second dragon of the match everything went wrong for MAD Lions, jojopyun connected a 4 man Sett ultimate followed by a lot of damage from Impact’s Gangplank. After this fight the lead was too much for MAD Lions, as they weren’t able to even touch the enemy base.

Game 3 was basically a repeat of the previous one, after the 10 minute mark, the game was rather equal with both teams trading objectives around the map. But after the first Baron spawned, both teams started to look more and more aggressively for the coveted buff. 

MAD Lions were not able to find a flank for their all in composition. Kaiser slightly overstepped into Kaoris’ Aphelios turret and got killed fast, which after EG simply ran down towards MAD’s base to end the game.

Evil Geniuses showed to be a scary prospect for teams in the main stage, as once they got a hold of some form of a lead in the game, they absolutely knew how to push it to the end line. 

After this win, all three NA squads will play in the 2022 World Championship group stage, with EG in particular set to play in Group B. Check out our League of Legends betting page where you can find the best deals and sign up offers!