Best duos participating in the Oceania & Asia FNCS grand finals

While Fortnite has fallen out of the radar for many esports fans, the Fortnite Championship Series has had an incredible season so far. It’s hard to forget that Fortnite had one of the biggest esports scenes in the whole world, surpassing titles like CSGO and Dota. Now, Chapter 3 Season 3 has been full of great moments, intense matches and quality players. In each region, the final 50 duos are prepared to duke it out in less than two weeks.

There are very skilled duos ready to battle it out in Oceania and Asia. The Oceania grand finals will feature a $114,000 prize pool, while Asia has $240,000 to distribute amongst its participants. Every duo is guaranteed to take home at least $400 just for making it this far. . Every single duo in each region has a real shot at taking home the top cash prize, but we’ll be talking about the most talented 6 duos that should be watched as they have the highest chances of winning. 

Best Oceania duos

Let’s start things off with the best duo in our books. Overt Cozzlol and m1 de armas took the top spot in Oceania during the Semi-Finals, receiving the highest amount of points with 1,011 Being both the leaderboard winner and the highest points-getter means that they shouldn’t struggle much throughout the rest of the competition.

Holding the fifth spot on the leaderboard, Cooper Lamb SC and 2AM blynk are just behind the top duo in terms of points. Their 1,110 is a great output and it probably means they’re ready to genuinely compete for the cash in the Grand Finals.

Maihaze and ASR Synxk 4PF finalize the list of best Oceania Fortnite. The Oceania Semis were tight, as they too were close to the top point total. Their 1,105 would have been the best or second best in many other regions, so there’s a really good chance they walk away with a big chunk of the prize pool.

Best Asia duos

Now taking a look at the very top of the Asia leaderboards in the semi-final, Cele Reyna 88 and partner Knight were one of the best at this round with 1,055 points. They have to be one of the favorites, and it’s always enjoyable to watch a winning team.

On second place of the leaderboard, we can find SVR and A1st, the duo that scored most points with 1,155. In fact, they were one of just two duos pairs to get more than 1,100 last round. That kind of output should translate well to the Grand Finals.

A third duo pair to watch out for is the second-highest point total from the Semis. With 1,102 points, FPG Panda and CREST SAVABELL took fifth, but are looking for more this round. Their individual performance was incredible, so they deserve attention.