Here is all you need to know about EVO 2022

With only a few days left until the biggest event in the whole world of fighting games kicks off, here is all you need to know about one of the most important esports tournaments out there. Not only this event features the most prestigious FGC titles out there, but some of the newer games in the genre will have the chance to show up.

The EVO 2022 roster includes a diverse group of titles. There are some notable omissions, but some fun games are making an appearance too. These are all of the main competitions to expect at EVO and the number of players registered to compete:

  • Guilty gear Strive – 2161 Players
  • Street Fighter V – 1320 Players
  • Tekken 7 – 1220 Players
  • King of Fighters XV – 1014 Players
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ – 636 Players
  • Granblue Fantasy Versus – 528 players
  • Mortal Kombat 11 – 464 Players
  • Melty Blood: Type Lumina – 411 Players
  • Skullgirls 2nd Encore – 295 Players

Each of these games has its own tournament with a prize pool to offer to the very best players at the event. But even if you don’t manage to make it into the top, participating at these events is always a great opportunity to face off against incredibly skilled players.

While it’s impossible to list every single well-known player due to there being over 7,000 confirmed participants, this event will feature huge esports personalities. SonicFox, Punk, JWong, and GO1 are just some of the titanic players that you’ll get to see play at EVO 2022. Some of them will even participate in multiple titles.

We recently talked about how MultiVersus is a new game and is already breaking records. The game has only just launched, yet it’s already pulling in all of the big streamers. This is going to be a side event held by Warner Brothers during the event. It’ll be in 2vs2 format with a total prize pool of $100,000, which is one of the biggest ones of the event.

EVO 2022 is focused around esports and competitiveness, but it’s not only about that. There are going to be some exciting announcements coming in for all the FGC members out there.

Something worth mentioning is that Mortal Kombat is going to be a big omission when it comes to announcements. A developer from the game specifically took to Twitter to shut down speculation about a potential trailer or news drop.

Capcom might as well be revealing a little more from Street Fighter VI. This game has been showcased at a lot of events recently, including a Street Fighter 6 playable demo at Comic Con. They’ve been drip feeding news gradually. EVO 2022 looks like the perfect setting to see a bit more about the next big thing in fighters.

This event is going to be one of the best esports events of the year, featuring exciting tournaments and announcements that you don’t want to miss.