Which League of Legends players hold the highest KDA across major leagues?

With most of the major leagues regular seasons coming to an end, looking at which starting players are holding the best KDA across the world is a fun activity. While stats might not mean much for a lot of people, looking at KDAs is a safe way to determine if a player is having a good or bad performance, at least on the surface. Today, we’ll be going over the highest KDA holder of each major league (LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL), so let’s get to it!

LPL – Knight (9.7)

LPL is the major league that plays the highest number of games per regular season due to the fact that there are 17 teams in the league. Playing 16 best-of-3 series can take a toll on most players, but that’s not the case for Zhuo “knight” Ding. The 22-year-old has demonstrated such resilience this split that he is now boasting the highest KDA out of every single player in the major leagues. 

Through a myriad of champions, Knight brings all kinds of tools to the table. This player is capable of filling any role his team needs, whether it be a carry role or an enabler one. Top Esports is holding a 12-1 record and it’s very possible that they finish the regular season on a 15-1 record if they are able to keep the ball rolling.

LCS – Inspired (9.5)

Kacper “Inspired” SÅ‚oma has been dominating the North American region, and I’m not talking exclusively about the summer split. Since Evil Geniuses arrived at the Spring Split playoffs, Inspired has been looking like the absolute best jungler in the league. 

It’s pretty rare to see something like this happen because more often than not, there are at least 2 or 3 players in the discussion of “best in their role”. But the 20-year-old Polish player has been not only a great individual menace, but he is also the perfect fit for his team.

Through very smart pathing and exceptional mechanical prowess, Inspired has managed to put himself way above the rest of the competition and already earned Evil Geniuses their first LCS trophy.

LCK – Ruler (9.2)

Gen.G is currently the best team in the league, having lost only 1 out of 14 series, and it was against the 2022 MSI Runner-ups, T1. Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk is one of the most notable players in the history of Korean League of Legends due to his particular playstyle. While a lot of ADCs prefer to play in a more flashy way, Ruler steers away from that playstyle. Ruler averages only 1 death per game due to his methodical way of approaching the game, which makes him the most reliable carry in the league.

Jae-hyuk is no stranger to success as he currently holds a Worlds trophy under his belt. Right now Gen.G is on the right path to becoming the 2022 Worlds Champions, and Ruler has been a key part in this.

LEC – Kaiser (6.9)

Yes, Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser is holding the lowest KDA out of all the other big 4, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s no secret that the LEC is one of the most explosive regions in the world, which means that it’s quite hard to maintain a high KDA, especially if you are playing in the support position.

Mad Lions is considered to be the best team in the league right now, and in huge part, it’s thanks to Kaiser’s performance. MAD’s bot lane is the most solid lane in the league, and not only that, but Kaiser’s leadership has put this team on the right track to become the LEC Summer Split champions.