The European superteam Vitality has finally showed up today

Superteam Vitality showing up now

After a 2-0 week and scoring their 3rd victory in a row, the superteam Vitality is finally starting to look like the team that fans expected them to be. Vitality had previously struggled in finding the right play style that suited their team. In their uphill journey toward the top of the leaderboard, Vitality needed to improve their early game and find the right picks to focus on in their drafts.

In their first game of the week against Excel, Vitality’s strategy was made clear during the drafting phase, and their execution proved excellent in a flawless victory that focused on the power picks of the side lanes, as well as Taliyah’s choice for Perkz in the mid lane. This year, Vitality has struggled in maintaining early-game advantages through the mid game. But against Excel, all Vitality’s players were in top form, finding the right opportunities for perfect plays.

Using all of their experience and veretancy, Vitality had set up around the Baron’s pit to obtain the buff without any obstacle through pristine map control, but Excel quickly maneuvered around the objective. But that was their final move as Vitality executed their perfect ultimate abilities’ combination and deleted their opponents within an instant. With only Markoon left standing, Vitality made a move toward Excel’s base and closed the game after an impressive performance. 

superteam Vitality
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This was a much-needed win for Team Vitality because they were in a very uncomfortable position in the standings, and also their fans were starting to lose hope. But they weren’t complacent after just 1 win. If the superteam Vitality wanted to prove a point and demonstrate that they are worthy of being called a superteam, then they would have to win their following match against G2 Esports.

Now in the 2nd day of week 6, Vitality jumped out to a dominant early lead against G2, getting 7 kills in the first 12 minutes of the game while accumulating a 4k gold advantage. Vitality’s lead would only grow bigger from there, as the team held a gold lead of 10k at the 25-minute mark while additionally claiming every neutral objective in the map.

After controlling G2 for 28 minutes, Team Vitality managed to close out the game in a very convincing manner. This win solidified Vitality’s spot in second place alongside Rogue on the LEC table, one of the team’s highest placements in the European rankings all season.

Although Vitality still hasn’t secured anything yet, they have a significant chance of qualifying for this year’s World Championship if they are able to keep the ball rolling. With five regular season games left to play and a full playoff bracket, the LEC still has plenty of time to realign before the season comes to a close. 

Le’ts not forget that it was recently announced by Riot Games that the league would be granted an extra qualifying slot at this year’s edition of Worlds due to the LCL’s impending absence from the tournament. The LEC will send four teams to Worlds later this year. Vitality will look to extend their three-game winning streak next week against Team BDS and Astralis, and if they perform like they did last week, they shouldn’t break a sweat against those teams.

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