Indian Valorant scene hugely impacted by Female team

How did Orangutan make a huge impact in the Indian Valorant scene

Orangutan is the name of the squad that increased the hype at the Skyesport Pro Invitational, mostly because they were the first all-female team in the tournament. They have overall had a huge impact in the Indian Valorant scene.

While a huge part of the Indian Valorant fans didn’t know that certain Indian organizations have a female roster, the Orangutan team had an impressive run towards the top in both female and male Valorant competitions. We will talk specifically about the lurking giants known as Orangutan Female. 

Due to the simple fact that this roster consists of players from various nations in the APAC region, one can notice the various ping each player gets while playing on a particular server. One of the most knowledgeable players in the team is Sway who is an Indian Valorant player. While making her name in the professional scene back in 2021. She had joined Asteria which was another Indian Female Valorant team and led the team to various victories. While settling into Orangutan in 2022 and being instrumental in their current success. She is known to be playing in the entry-fragging/duelist role.

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Chloettw is someone with a lot of accolades to her name and previously was a part of Nigma Galaxy Female. She recently joined Orangutan in June this year. She prefers to play as either the sentinel for the team to block sites or even as Viper on Various maps. CaspeR is someone who is very well known in the Indian Valorant community for her tactical plays. She was a part of Asteria as well with Sway and left the organization at a very similar time to the other. She is the main smokes for the team while also selecting Chamber on certain maps when the team needs her to.

There are very few active all-female roasters in India for Valorant. There are a lot of reasons for this which could be taken into account but there are few major ones. Currently, if there are any female players in Valorant, especially in the Mumbai server, they aren’t taken seriously.

This entire debate in itself has led to multiple discussions as well and it has led to a lot of toxicity towards female players. Each game of the VCT Game Changers‘ live stream has one or more sexist comments present. It is still quite the backward mentality that has been very demoralizing for most female gamers to show their skills in tournaments, which is something that happens around the entire globe.

It will only be a matter of time before Indian Valorant fans will see a tournament of the best Indian male and female teams face off with each other in an Indian LAN Event. If you would like to see the Orangutan team play next you can see them in the Champions Tour Game Changers Asia Pacific: Elite Tournament in October.

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