LLA brutal relegation beckons for 1 of All Knights or XTEN

Right now, the seeding for the 2022 LLA Summer Split playoffs is basically set in stone. Estral and Isurus have been at the top of the standings for quite a while and. For the majority of the regular season Isurus had supremacy over Estral, but in week 6, Estral basically stomped the Argentinian shark and are now leading the league with a 9-3 record.

Infinity, Rainbow7, and Team Aze already secured a spot in playoffs of the LLA but are currently battling it out for a top-4 finish, which would grant them an Upper Bracket start.

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Globant Emerald has already fallen into the relegation zone and it’s impossible for them to get out of there. Throughout 12 games, the Emeralds have managed to only pick up a single win, though it was against Isurus in a very dominating manner. It’s somewhat disheartening to see a team formed by multiple LLA champions unable to demonstrate why they were considered some of the best players in the region a long time ago. 

In between Globant Emerald and the top-5 teams, we can find All Knights and XTEN who both have had what many would consider their most disappointing split so far. All Knights arrived into the LLA summer split with a roster made up of players who have Worlds appearances under their belt, raising the expectations for this lineup quite a lot.


Baula came back from retirement to try and piece this team together, but after 6 weeks, it’s safe to say that this project was a complete failure.

From top to bottom, we can see all the exploitable weaknesses that this team has. Their situation wouldn’t be that bad if it was all about individual performances, but what we have is a team lacking cohesiveness in every single aspect. Crash, their jungler, looks completely disconnected from the rest of the team, making him incapable of helping out his laners who are constantly in need of help.

Alive and Baula have no way to win their lane due to having no synergy, which is one of the main reasons why they are getting killed in 2v2 scenarios an absurd amount of times.

On the other hand we have XTEN, a team that had its bright moment earlier on in the regular season, but after a rough patch and a lot of internal issues, they seem to have given up already. “Your own coach encourages players to blame each other“, that is what Zerito, XTEN’s top laner, had to say regarding their current situation, not the encouragement you need in the LLA.

It seems that this team made a huge division between their 2 korean players (Seize and Keine) and the rest of the team. There is no doubt at all that Keine is the best mid laner in the league, and for sure a top 3 player overall, but that might not be enough to bring his team out of the relegation zone.

LLA Summer Split 2022- the final week!

Everything will be decided in the last week of the LLA summer regular season. XTEN and All Knights will square up on Saturday 30, and both teams will be fighting for their lives as winning this match basically saves them from playing in the relegation tournament. Remember to check out our League of Legends betting sites page to find the best offers to bet on the LLA.