Oxygen Esports takes down 4-3 Chilly Mountain in the MCC 2022 grand finals

While not a lot of people keep an eye on the Heroes of the Storm scene, we can’t deny that it’s a very dedicated one. Once again, Heroes of the Storm Esports arrived at the Centre Culturel la Ferme Corsange in Bailly-Romainvilliers, right outside Paris, where the third Master Clash Championship LAN put together the four best European squads to look for the owner of their beautiful trophy.

Chilly Mountain, Bang Bush and Oxygen Esports were the teams coming directly from the group stage, while Granit Gaming came as the gauntlet winners. 

Two of these squads needed to bring in some stand-ins due to some of their players not being able to make it to Paris. The same cores of these 4 rosters were the same that qualified for the 2021 Masters Clash Championship finals, so most of the players weren’t new to Paris.

Chilly Mountain vs Oxygen Esports

The favorites, Chilly Mountain and Oxygen Esports, proved to be a step above their rivals and sent them to the lower bracket. Both these CCL teams collided at the winners’ finals and, as their last matches pointed out, Oxygen came out victorious.

Bang Bush and Chilly Mountain had a clash during the 2nd day in the losers’ bracket finals, and the series had an unexpected twist. The Swedes of Bang Bush (and Nano) arrived at the losers’ finals after asserting themselves against their compatriots, while the French-German roster had played and lost a very long, tough and exhausting series barely 12 hours before. 

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Things didn’t start quite well for them, however, Bang Bush won a late-game 4v5 teamfight out of nowhere and that was enough for them to win. After that initial misstep, the CCL roster didn’t show any weakness and took the three following maps, securing a rematch against Oxygen at the grand finals.

Oxygen was sitting on their 1-map advantage thanks to coming from the upper bracket, but it didn’t last long. Chilly Mountain began the grand finals taking the lead in Battlefield of Eternity. Once CM won their first teamfight, they grabbed that advantage and growed it until their enemies’ core fell. With this 1-1 tie, the series had been resetted. In that scenario both teams decided to play safe in a Volskaya Foundry game with very few kills but CM came out on top.

In the 3rd map, Tomb of the Spider Queen, Oxygen slowly built an experience lead that allowed them to wipe Chilly Mountain at minute 15 and end the game. Chilly Mountain stepped up in Towers of Doom and once they grabbed their fifth Bell Tower, they kept it until the end of the game. They also managed to win the next map, Alterac Pass, in a really back and forth game.

At this point the score in the series was 3-3. Everything was to be decided in the last map, Infernal Shrines. Would Chilly Mountain repeat their 2021 victory? They proved their worth after getting the 3rd punisher of the game and pushed alongside him towards the enemy core, but Oxygen stood their ground, won the decisive fight and pushed back. 

And that miraculous push was powerful enough to win the game, the series and the outstanding Parisian trophy.