All the details about the incoming Sivir rework

As of lately, Sivir has fallen out of flavor, which might be disheartening because she is one of League of Legends classic champions, that’s why Riot is planning some changes to her kit. Ray Williams, a Gameplay Analyst at Riot Games recently revealed on Twitter that one of the oldest champions in the game is getting a rework and that got many of us really excited.

Akshan, Lillia, and Diana’s 2019 adjustments are some of the most recent Ray Williams works when it comes to champions in League of Legends, he’s also put work into the Lethality system.

Every single Sivir ability is getting changed in some way, but her main kit and identity is untouched. Sivir is a champion that has seen a lot of play in both ranked and competitive from time to time, though she always ends up being dropped as soon as any other strong champion becomes meta. It’s been hard for Sivir to remain relevant as champions like Senna, Aphelios, and Samira got released and their kits seem to bring much more to table, at least when it comes to damage.

Riot is solidifying Sivir as the premier AOE teamfighting crit marksman so long as she can stay in the fight. This is the summary of the changes:

  • Passive is more feelable and synergizes better with attack speed.
  • Q Usefulness now scales smoothly over game-time.
  • W bounces are more reliable sources of DPS.
  • E no longer holds Sivir’s mana together.
  • R is more personally useful for Sivir than for teammates.

Riot is clearly trying to make her more of a carry and less of an enabler. This might end up being a very interesting rework because it changes the way that Sivir is normally used.

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Boomerang Blade
Her Q is now more reliable as its outward missile speed is increased, though its inward velocity is significantly reduced. Now her boomerang casting time is going to scale with attack speed, which means that if you have enough of this stat then it’s going to be casted instantly. And to compensate for its lower inward missile speed, Riot gave the ability a scaling with crit chance that goes up to 100% bonus damage.

Her W now has more reliable bounces and is no longer “infinite”, it also now grants attack speed instead of it being linked to her ult, and now synergizes with attack speed itself. The biggest change being that it can now bounce back to targets that have already been hit, meaning that you can hit the same target multiple times with multiple bounces. This is going to be a very interesting change primarily targeted for teamfights.

Spell Shield
To give her some form of sustain, her E now heals instead of refunding mana, giving it other outputs that Sivir can appreciate. The healing is going to scale considerably well (.6-.8 total AD) and it also now procs Fleet of Foot, which is her passive. But there seems to be a downside to it as it now costs mana instead of being completely free, which might affect her laning phase quite a bit.On The Hunt
Now looking at one of the bigger changes, her R is now going to be more effective in longer teamfights. It no longer gives the passive attack speed as it was transferred over to her W, and it no longer gives the initial movement speed burst. To compensate this, the duration of the ultimate is now increasing with levels (8-12 seconds), it’s going to refresh on recently-damaged takedowns, and the most important part, auto attacks will reduce Sivir’s basic ability cooldowns by .5 seconds during her ultimate.