The LLA resumes after a week of inactivity due to COVID-related issues

What were the impacts of the COVID-related issues

After a 1-week suspension of the league due to COVID-related issues, the Latin American League is back and we have quite a few exciting matches to watch. Just in case you missed what happened in the last week of the competition, we’ll go over the teams that are looking good, and the ones that aren’t looking that great.

First of all, the Mexican eagles, Estral Esports, are no longer kings of the league after dropping both of their week 3 games. The first one was against Isurus, who is now dominating the standings, and Rainbow7, a team that seems to be on the rise right now. Estral dominated throughout the first couple of weeks, but they seem to be facing big issues when it comes to skirmishes and late game teamfighting and now have ceded the throne to the Argentinian shark Isurus

Another thing worth mentioning is that Rainbow7 is aiming to bounce back from a disappointing start to the split. They won their match against Estral, and it’s important that we keep our eyes on their mid laner. Baek “Ophelia” Jin-seong had two very disappointing weeks to start the split, but he looks more confident now and his Akali was a determining factor in their last victory. The thing is that Rainbow7 recently announced the re-signing of Park “Cepted” Wi-rim, the mid laner that used to play for them in the spring split. It’s still impossible to know if Rainbow7 is gonna keep playing with Ophelia or we’ll end up seeing Cepted back on the rift.

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Now looking at the teams sitting at the lower part of the standings, XTEN and Infinity seem to be putting things together as they managed to pick up a couple of important wins. Infinity is a team that still has a lot to prove with this roster because their wins mostly come from a slow-paced game and almost no proactive play, which is not something you would expect from them. XTEN is still the good ol’ XTEN as they are still considered to be the wildcard of the LLA. They can pick up wins against the best teams in the league, but they can also drop the ball against the worst.

On the very bottom of the leaderboard, Globant Emerald remains winless and they seem very far from being able to score a single win, though this week they’ll be playing Aze and Infinity, which might be their best opportunity to win for the first time. Globant’s bot lane is the biggest disappointment of the split. Whitelotus and Newbie are players that have won the LLA multiple times, but right now are looking like the worst bot lane in the league. And their problems don’t come only in the later stages in the game, but right as their game starts, they always find themselves in disadvantageous situations, which makes us wonder if they are even trying to win this split.

We are going to have a couple of exciting matches, especially the ones featuring Team Aze, Estral, and Rainbow7, as they are the ones that have the biggest burden of proof this upcoming week, so be sure to not miss the LLA this weekend! To make sure that you have the best betting offers on this game go to our League of Legends betting sites page where you can find the best offers.