Spacestation knocks out Sentinels at HCS Pro Series with a rather controversial ending

What happened to the final week of split two in HCS Pro Series

In an incredible turn of events to the final week of split two in the North America’s HCS Pro Series, LAN champions Sentinels were sent out of the tournament by Spacestation Gaming’s recently created roster. After a really close game one in the best-of-three series finished in favor of Spacestation, Sentinels were on a path for a 2-0 defeat.

Sentinels have been absent from competitive play in the last two weeks of Halo Infinite‘s premier online tournament, and what was expected to be a return to form for the legendary roster instead turned into an absolute masacre for their fan base.

Nevertheless, we need to keep in mind the events that led to this situation did not sit well with the players/community.

It all started with the following tweet from Sentinels player Frosty:

“If you tie a KOTH game and have to replay, the replay is first to 1??? LMAOOOO”

Frosty tweeted out in disbelief after an incredibly rare tie match of King of the Hill on Live Fire placed in game one, which put both the casters and admins of the HCS in an awkward spot. The rules of a possible replay had to come into fruition for the first time since King of the Hill’s mode was added to the game.

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At first glance, the rule is simple: the map is replayed and the first team to capture a hill wins, similar to a golden goal situation. But as one caster, Onset, pointed out before the start of the replay, the asymmetric design of the map could potentially benefit one team over the other, something quite known by the players.

Whether or not this potential situation, or the fast paced nature of a single hill to win, lies at the root cause of Sentinels’ anger is unclear. Once Spacestation took the victory in that replay , the psychological and mental toll put Sentinels even further on the backfoot for the last game, a Slayer match on Catalyst for game two.

The situation was not helped by the fact Spacestation was potentially for the first time this year, just absolutely playing out of their minds. Disappointing results in both online and LAN tournaments have put the Spacestation lineup in an awkward cycle of roster changes but it was their newest addition in the form of Suppressed that stole the limelight in this incredible win. Starlike shots with the Sniper Rifle played a crucial role in Spacestation taking the one point of King of the Hill needed in the map’s replay.

Despite the long controversy surrounding it, the top four finish for Spacestation is one of the organization’s best results by far in the Halo Infinite competitive scene. After a rocky trajectory over the past eight months of competitive play, they will be hoping that more recent promising results are a hint that the new roster is working well and they have the potential to face some of the best at the next Major in Orlando.