League of Legends 12.12 pre patch notes: biggest changes, champion updates, and more

League of Legends patch 12.12 might not be as big as 12.10 or in fact 12.11, but it will still introduce significant changes for balance updates to the biggest MOBA out there next week.

One of the biggest highlights of the patch is the nerfs that will make their way to the latest champion released, Bel’Veth. Within just a week of her launch, Riot Games is already considering toning her down, as per their statistics is absolutely overpowered in low elo. Even though many in the community felt that she was one of the most underwhelming junglers in the game after release.

Additionally, the Rift will also see many build path reversements/adjustments for Katarina, Yuumi, Shaco, and Soraka.

Zeri will be hit with another package of nerfs, along with Viego, while Yorick, Annie, and Heimerdinger will receive a fair bit of strength and scaling in the upcoming League of Legends update.

Before moving on to the League of Legends pre patch notes, please do keep in mind that the updates mentioned below are tentative and can definitely change or adjust in the official update due next week. The League of Legends developers will first test the updates on the PBE server as usual, before officially shipping it with the live server patch.

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Let’s start with the most significant buffs within the patch information:


Q AP Ratio: 75% > 80%

Tibbers HP: 1200-3000 > 1300-3100

Tibbers Resists: 30-70 > 30-90

Annie’s scaling was toned down last year after a small stint of her being powerful in lower elos, this definitely brings some damage back to her one shot potential in the late game.


E CD: 11-9 > 10

E CC Duration: 1>1.5

This is something we definitely did not expect. As Seraphine is currently at an extremely high 53% WR in multiple elos, thus there isn’t really a reason for the champion to get buffed.

Now let’s see the biggest nerfs within the patch:


Passive Heal on Possession: 2.5% > 2% target’s max HP

R Bonus damage: 15-25% missing HP > 12-20% missing HP

W>E no longer instantly stealths Viego

Viego is definitely one of those champions that thrives when the enemy makes a mistake, as one possession is enough to stomp a fight. This nerf aims to provide less bonuses for Viego after his possession is accomplished.


Health Regen: 3.25 > 4.5

Health Regen Growth: 0.55 > 0.7

W Damage: 10-150 (+150% tAD)+70% AP) >>> 20-160 (+130% tAD)(+60%AP)

Zeri’s main focus was to be a fast moving aggressive champion, however if caught she could be punished. Sadly her HP pool and the off tank items available at her disposal, made her a little bit too strong and hard to one shot in most situations.

There are way more minor updates however as always we invite you to keep an eye on future patch updates, as maybe your main champion will receive some love at the end of the day. League of Legends patch 12.12 is set to drop on June 22nd.