Call of Duty Warzone Season 4: new map, Fortune’s Keep, new points of interest, and more

Call of Duty Warzone has just released a new reveal trailer for its new map, Fortune’s Keep, something it was certainly leaked a couple of weeks ago. It is supposed to be the new Resurgence map that might even replace the current Rebirth island and its game modes.

Activision has given just a brief view of what players can expect from the new map, along with its release date, this of course to start generating mystery and hype around the update. It is a small map that looks slightly bigger than Rebirth Island does from above.

The Call of Duty developers have given us a brief look at the four major points of interest aka “POI” as they describe them, on the new Call of Duty Warzone map. The map is filled with Italian architecture and references with plenty of open space for gunfights to emerge. It most definitely looks brighter in colors and light than Rebirth Island.

The reveal video starts with welcoming us the players to Fortune’s Keep. It then quickly turns to a slight description of more major POIs on the map, so players have an idea where to go when the map drops.

The Keep is where the map gets its name from, and it looks similar to a giant castle with what are 20 cannons, 11 staircases, a fountain, and, most importantly, around 12 rooms. The Keep is looking out to be the central hot zone on the map, with all the previously mentioned absolutely surrounding it, most likely this means its going to be the hotspot to land for some quick action.

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Next we saw the Winery. It looks like a well-sized collection of buildings with plenty of space between them for rotations. The presence of a bell tower and cellar has been confirmed by the developers, along with six gigantic barrels in the hall.

The cellar is bound to be a place for close-quarter fights, where shotguns and sub machine guns will have a great time. The rotation plays around the barrels will likely be a must to learn. The bell tower might become the new favorite sniping spot for gamers as it is quite high in the map and provides a vantage point to utilize.

The next point of interest is the seaside town filled with buildings of what we think are Italian architecture. The presence of a clock tower, library, and hotel has been confirmed.

The town also boasts a Gelato stand, a quick reference to Italian culture. It has lots of tight quarters and is bound to be a place for high-paced gunfights and movement as you are able to jump between the multiple windows.

Lastly we have Smuggler’s Cove, located at the southern end of the map. This open area has a few buildings and boats, but inside the cove is a dark underground cave with a few huts where you can barely see what’s going on.

The release date of Fortune’s Keep has also been confirmed by Activision for June 22nd as a free content update. Fans will hope this map will live up to the expectations of the Call of Duty community, as it’s going to be something brand new to experience.

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