Top 3 junglers to watch out for in the 2022 LEC Summer Split

League of Legends 2022 LEC Summer Split starts soon are you ready?

League of Legends 2022 LEC Summer Split is soon to start, in a few days time. As such, fans have been excitedly waiting to watch all their favorite teams and players walk back to the Summoner’s Rift one more time and compete for the title of the best in Europe.

Of course, the excitement is valid as the LEC has arguably some of the strongest and intelligent players in the entire scene. Talent like Jankos, Malrang and Elyoya are gonna be present and again show that they are the ones to look out for when it comes to the jungle role in the League of Legends scene.

Today we are gonna take a dive and see how these three junglers are coming to battle for the glory of the LEC Summer Split 2022.


Malrang has played his first year of the LEC during the 2022 Spring Split. However, there is no doubt that his performance during the previously mentioned was more than enough to show his talent and catch the attention of fans and analysts alike.

During the 2021 season, Malrang also played as a substitute jungler for DAMWON KIA in the League of Legends’ korean league LCK. Thus, he is already accustomed to a high level of play and armed with a deep knowledge of the jungle role, by playing against some of the best players in the world such as Canyon and Oner.

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Thus, as soon as he jumped into the LEC, no team was able to rapidly understand Malrang’s unique style of play. The problem was that he did not play for himself like most junglers in certain metas, rather he immediately started playing for the team.

He would consistently focus on facilitating all his lanes , while sacrificing his own farm in the process. However, he did all this in a very intelligent and most importantly efficient manner, making it difficult for the enemy jungler to track his movement as he plays so differently to others in the league.

Malrang’s performance allowed Rogue to push itself to the very top of the table during the regular season, it is something we have come to expect from them. Unfortunately, in the finals of the Spring Split, they fell short against G2 Esports by quite a margin.

Most of the european community has tagged Rogue as a “cold” team, when it matters in big games they simply don’t show up. Nonetheless, fans can be sure that his performance will enhance even further during the Summer Split.


After a couple of rough splits, MAD Lions have definitely focused on rebuilding their roster with even younger talent. After their main talents left to other teams (such as Humanoid to Fnatic), the ones that came after struggled to adjust to the level of play on the LEC. At this point Elyoya isn’t a rookie anymore, and is trying to take more of a leadership role within the team, something usual coming from the jungler role.

We can’t forget how dominant he was, especially when confident in his mechanics with champions such as LeeSin/Lillia/Jarvan IV. MAD Lions fans are just waiting for that playstyle to come back and for Elyoya to switch the engine back on. 


-Lastly we have the veteran himself Jankos, at the age of 26, has uplifted himself once more to the position of the undisputed greatest western jungler of all time. Thanks to his ideas, mature decision making, team playstyle and efficient jungle pathing it places him a cut above the rest.

The characteristic that makes Jankos so much better than other junglers is that he is a leader both inside and outside the game. We all have seen how charismatic and optimistic he can be, this ensures that the team maintains its composure during wins and keeps themselves calm during losses.

These qualities were the primary reason for how Jankos became the first LEC player to reach a total of 300 wins. It is important to realize that the kills that Jankos secures and the way he plays is always geared towards helping his team scale, especially facilitating Caps in the midlane.

It is something very unique that most other western junglers have not been able to replicate, even to this day with such consistency.

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