Top 3 mid laners to keep an eye on for the LEC 2022 Summer Split

League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split

The League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split is set to start in just a couple of days. As such, fans have been eagerly waiting to watch their favorite teams and players get back to battle within the Summoner’s Rift once again and compete for the glorious title of the best of Europe.

The excitement is definitely justified as the LEC 2022 has arguably some of the strongest and charismatic players in the entire world. Stars like Caps, Perkz and Humanoid have proved time and time again that they are the ones to look out for when it comes to the western scene of League of Legends.

Therefore, today we will look at three players who are expected to make a really big difference during the 2022 Summer Split.


Over the last couple of splits, Humanoid has proven that he is probably one of the best mid laners in all of the LEC 2022. His performance at the MAD Lions during the 2021 season and also the way he performed better than expected at Fnatic during the 2022 Spring Split showed his vast talent over the game.

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Humanoid is extremely intelligent and patient as his understanding of champions like Azir, Orianna and Ryze is way better than every player in Europe, maybe outside of Caps. While he may not have a lot of individual accolades or a selfish style of playstyle, there is no doubt that his team play style is way above others in the league.


Perkz did not have the best of performances after his return to the LEC, there is no doubt that he is someone who will surely have a massive impact during the Summer Split if the team is able to accommodate better around him. Perkz is not just an extremely skilled player, but at this point a leader as well, something that wasn’t shown last split.

This aspect of Perkz helped G2 Esports in the past around 2019 to clinch the Mid Season Invitational title and also reach the finals of the League of Legends Worlds 2019 tournament. His vocalization in the team definitely helped G2 Esports to achieve feats that no other western team has been able to do since then. 

We just hope the Team Vitality roster changes will provide a breath of fresh air to the team, and ultimately help Perkz come back to winning ways.


The last player to enter is none other than G2 Esports’ current mid laner Caps. He is not just regarded as one of the best in Europe, but one of the greatest League of Legends mid laners of all time.

Nevertheless, If players simply judge his performances based on stats, then Caps is not someone who has a lot to individually show off (outside of killing Faker a lot). Instead, if players want to understand the genius of Caps, they need to watch him play on stage.

He is someone who focuses on making the life of the enemy miserable as his broad champion pool is at a level that most top level coaching staff hates to prepare against. Caps can jump into a 1 versus 5 situation and somehow still come out unscathed while securing two or three kills in the skirmish.

Ultimately it is a matter of how motivated he is to continue this kind of performance after years of playing professional League of Legends at the highest level. We just hope to see more this time around. To be able to bet at the highest level on the best League of Legends betting sites look into our link on where the best offers are and how to get them.