The Diablo 4 beta is up for grabs! How to sign up and more

We got news about Diablo 4, it appears the franchise has been running at full speed recently to try and finish the game as soon as possible. Despite a definitely ambitious release, Diablo Immortal has failed to hit the mark within most of the community.

While the core gameplay on it feels quite nice, it’s essentially a port of the mobile game on PCs. The community did not receive microtransactions well, but thankfully, PC players can soon get their hands on a better experience which they have been asking for.

We need to go quite a way back in time when it comes to the original announcement of Diablo 4. Despite eagerness from the fans, there has been little to none information about the game. Thankfully, it now appears that the opportunity for players to play early and test the game within the beta has opened up.

There’s not much actual new information, but it appears that the game will also be coming to consoles roughly confirmed by Activision Blizzard. There was speculation about the game being released in late quarter of 2021, but of course got delayed. With news of the beta coming, we can certainly speculate that the release date might not be that far from now.

On June 11th, news arrived to the community that players will now get a chance to participate in the game’s beta. It’s of course not guaranteed, and a player will have to depend entirely on their luck to get a chance to try out the game before official release, but the process is quite simple to complete so don’t worry.

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How to pre-register for Diablo 4

The instructions are as follows:

-Players need to go to Blizzard’s website where the game is available.

-Players can go ahead and click on pre-register, which will give them a possible chance for the beta.

-Then you will be required to sign in to their Blizzard accounts before you can proceed. If you don’t have an account, you will need to create a new one within

-If a player is selected for the beta test, you will be sent further details via the website and your email.

Outside of the beta test, it’s now confirmed that Diablo 4, as expected, will be available on next generation consoles after an extremely successful Diablo 3 update which achieved to bring the console community into the game. So it will be quite interesting to see how Blizzard adapts to the new cutting edge capabilities of those consoles.

As usual, Diablo 4 is expected to have the same core gameplay mechanics, which have been written in stone to the series throughout its history. It essentially entails that players can choose between different classes and take on the huge variety of fast moving enemies that can be found within the map or instances, with hopefully the classic loot rain we love to see.

Once the beta starts, players can test what improvements have gone into the game’s development. Following the overall reception of Diablo Immortal, both fans and Blizzard will hope to get things right this time around to please most of the community.