Battlefield 2042 new map philosophy attempts to bring players back to the franchise

Battlefield 2042 was released all the way back in November 2021, and for the first time since its initial release, a major map update is arriving in the game. Season 1 was confirmed a couple of months ago but was delayed as DICE focused on polishing the game and prepared it for some of the design changes that the 128-player Battlefield experience would change into.

Perhaps the juiciest part of the update is the new map called Exposure, which brings players to fight in Canada. At simple sight, the area looks beautiful, and it was a reminder of how good the graphic fidelity of Battlefield 2042 truly is. But the main attraction is the overall map size.

The gameplay philosophy behind Exposure is choke points, close quarter fights, and fewer open sectors where players would remain without moving for quite some time. DICE confirmed that future maps in the new Battlefield 2042 season would bring ideas designed with smaller engagements in mind while retaining 128 players with its content.

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Currently, DICE will be going back and reworking the base game maps to fix many of their original problems based on community feedback. Some of the areas of focus were overall gameplay flow, more cover to use in open spaces, and higher terrain around the map. More than anything else, this change in ideas and philosophy was the most promising aspect of Season 1 Zero Hour, and the community agrees that maybe this is the start of something better.

However, it may not be enough at the moment for some. Most of the base Battlefield 2042 maps, if not all, will still be the same size as before, and the overall flow will still be an issue in Battlefield 2042 due to gunplay and fight mechanics. Exposure is a great introduction to a new idea, but one new map won’t be enough to bring back attention for the time being. Hopefully, the next couple of seasons can help with this situation.

With the content that has appeared in the Season 1 playtest, everything seems well versed. Most importantly, everything was fun and felt great to utilize as the new weapons have specific utility to them. There are some great pieces of content in each aspect of the game, and the gameplay (system wise) feels better than before. At the very least, many of the gameplay bumps with several bugs and graphic issues have been ironed out over the past six months.

Nevertheless, this already gone six month time period, where other games usually would have completed two or three seasons, could be crucial for the future of the game. This update brought two new weapons, a new map, one more Specialist, and a Battle Pass, which are all standard fare for other shooters in the same category. However other games take way less time to implement this feature, with some even providing it at launch. This long time “wasted” as per the community reviews is something that DICE will not be able to track back and improve.