Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Zero Hour: new weapons, vehicles, and more

Season 1 Zero Hour information

Battlefield 2042 was released back in November 2021, and it is finally time since the initial release for a major content drop to arrive in the game. Season 1 Zero Hour was confirmed a long time ago but was heavily delayed as DICE polished the game and prepared it for some of the big design changes that the 128 total player Battlefield experience would begin to form.

Before the new season was released on June 9th, DICE invited several influencers and players to test out the new content while also detailing what the player base can expect from the big update. There is a bunch of new content, changes in game philosophy, and gameplay improvements that certainly hold a light of promise for the latest Battlefield title.

Nevertheless, Season 1 Zero Hour begins the question of whether this can bring the player base back into the game. In this regard, there are definite mixed commentaries.

The first noticeable change when playing Battlefield 2042 Season 1 was the gameplay itself. It’s the same game as before, but in the past, bugs were all over the game to an extent where they became a heavy burden on the experience. The community has provided positive comments as a high amount of the reported and known bugs were addressed and fixed within the latest update.

Seems to be a common comment that hitboxes felt great, rapid movement feels fluid, and the game is running better than expected on different rigs. But Season 1 is about more than just gameplay improvements, as technically those have been slowly rolling in the last six months. Content is the name of the game for Zero Hour.

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Two new weapons are on the way as part of Zero Hour in Battlefield 2042. The first being the BSV-M, a DMR that provides two shooting modes and can easily dispatch enemies in a few shots in exchange for a slower fire rate. The second is the Ghostmaker R10, a gimmicky crossbow that is part of the utility section of weapons. 

The Ghostmaker is able to hit after two shots to the body, which to be fair is quite weak, but headshots are an instakill as usual for crossbows on other franchises. On the other hand, the BSV-M can easily become one of the best weapons in Battlefield 2042. As the quick burst potential is quite extraordinary for a weapon of its type.

The Smoke Grenade launcher was also added to the update and offered a better version of smokescreens that previously exi sted. These can be added to your loadout as natural equipment. Overall, each usable weapon and piece of equipment is always a welcome addition to any game as it provides replayability. 

There is a new vehicle named “Chopper” that has two forms: attack and stealth mode. These choppers can be accessed by two players at a time and can move swiftly to avoid being taken down. On top of evasion, it has serious firepower, but nothing compared to how land boats were at the start of the game.

Lastly a new Specialist named Lis was also added to the game, and her main perk is locating damaged vehicles for your team. She uses a rocket launcher, which is perfect for her character’s overall theme. Most likely List won’t explode the meta too much, nevertheless, variety is always welcome after such a long time without a big content drop.

It will be a matter of time to see if the player base feels welcomed once more into Battlefield 2042, after the awful launch and first months period.