League of Legends LCS 2022 Summer Split: Schedule, best teams, and more

LCS 2022 Summer Split schedule, best teams and more

The League of Legends LCS 2022 Summer Split is set to begin on June 17th, 2022. Thankfully we don’t have to wait long as northamerican fans can barely wait to see the highest level of NA competition live once more.

However, LCS’ 2022 Summer Split will be way more special this year in comparison to previous instances. This is mainly because League of Legends Worlds 2022 will be held in North America. Any team who performs exceptionally well in the Summer Split will be able to play at the World Championship in front of their own home crowd. Obviously, the mental boost a huge audience provides when playing in front of your main supporters is something that can make even the hardest of encounters feel like another day in the office.

This is why every team in the LCS will definitely be putting in extra hours and effort as the stakes have been raised significantly for this year.

The amazing teams who will be fighting for glory in the League of Legends LCS’s 2022 Summer Split and hopefully look for a spot at Worlds 2022 are listed below:

-100 Thieves


-Evil Geniuses

-Team Liquid



-Counter Logic Gaming



-Golden Guardians

Amongst these teams there are obvious candidates to win the title such as 100 Thieves, Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, and Team Liquid. Obviously, North American fans are expecting the previous winner in Evil Geniuses to win once more judging by the team’s brilliant performance during the LCS 2022 Spring Split .

Outside of that, the team also performed brilliantly in League of Legends MSI 2022 after starting in a rough spot. Thus, it will be interesting to see how much this roster has improved and what new strategies they are able to pull out.

Unfortunately, Cloud9 had an unexpected end to the Spring Split, especially thanks to the controversy surrounding the sudden dismissal of their former coach LS. With several roster changes and lane swaps, hopefully, the Summer Split will be a lot smoother and the team will be able to perform at the level their fans are used to.

Then we have 100 Thieves, the organization has made strides outside of the game providing huge improvements to their training facility and overall structure. The roster remains the same from previous tournaments and fans are expecting to see the old team that was able to win the LCS title previously.

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Lastly, Team Liquid is definitely a team with many eyes on them currently. Assembling a “superteam”, both professional players and fans alike expected them to win the Spring Split. Nevertheless, after the team heavily failed to do so, a lot of questions were asked about the viability of such a star studded roster. We have a lot of examples where superteams were not able to find synergy or an overall groove to their gameplay.

Hence, if the Summer Split performance does not go well, then it will put a massive whole in the concept of superteams once more.

The North American region has recently been considered weak within the League of Legends competitive scene. Therefore, it is extremely important that the teams develop themselves properly and showcase no signs of weakness for future international competitions.

There is a lot at stake this time, especially with Worlds 2022 happening in home soil. Thus, sloppy plays and excuses will not be tolerated by the fans anymore.