CSGO professional player Boombl4 became source of a big controversy

Boombl4 becomes source of big controversy

Professional Counter Strike Global Offensive player Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov was recently released from his duties with esports organization NAVI. The Ukrainian based organization stated the player was a “high reputational risk” as their main reasoning for removing the Russian player from the star studded roster.

Photos and videos supposedly where Boombl4 appears, have been leaked on social media, which show alleged illegal substance abuse by the former NAVI team captain. He has now spoken out via social media, saying that his recently became ex-wife blackmailed him and that he intends to file libel lawsuits really soon.

Russian CSGO professional player Boombl4 was officially released from NAVI on May 28th. Prior to his release, he was the captain and in-game leader of the organization’s CS:GO team, which was able to play at the top of the scene for years.

In its statement, the organization NAVI cited “high reputational risks” as the reason for the decision to move on from the Russian player. Further clarifying that his release was absolutely unrelated to his play.

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NAVI stated via Twitter:

“This decision is related to high reputational risks for the club, and it is not the result of his game.”

Videos and images of Boombl4 utilizing possible illegal substances believed to be amphetamines have surfaced on social media. Over a week after announcing his release, the former NAVI player has spoken out, and explained his side of the story.

He shared the news with his fans and viewers that he divorced his wife, LiQueen, and further accused her of blackmailing him. LiQueen married the CSGO player five months ago, after a proposal made within one of the CSGO’s Major events.

He said that his now ex-wife is behind the publication of the videos that led to his release from NAVI, and further clarified he intends to file a libel lawsuit against her. Boombl4 also claimed that the information in the leaks about him was fake. The professional player ended with a final note thanking fans for supporting him.

Boombl4 stated via Twitter:

“Today I got divorced from my wife and was blackmailed with various photos/videos and also a huge amount of fake information. Soon I will be filing libel suits. Many thanks to everyone for the support and understanding at a difficult time for me.”

After news of the divorce unfortunately went public, LiQueen described him in social media as an addict and accused him of cheating on her multiple times.

LiQueen publicly claimed that she wanted a divorce from the CS GO pro back in April before reconciling days later. It looks as if the divorce is official and absolutely final at this time.

After a couple of years of success, Boombl4 was able to accrue quite a big following. Fans and other professional players have provided supporting words on the situation, while others of course try to search for answers and clarification. Most likely we will not see further information on the situation as it is quite delicate and personal, however we do know further action will be taken in regards to the matter.