Apex Legends’ new patch brings rewards and fixes the community was asking for along with start of season 13

Start of season 13 comes with fixes for small bugs

While the start of season 13 was the most successful season launch for Apex Legends yet (player count wise), several bugs and community outrage have derailed the game’s significance weeks later. On Tuesday, Respawn finally moved to address more of these issues with a rather small patch that is now available for players on all platforms.

Among the changes coming to the game, with the update is a much needed fix that should prevent players from being able to sneak into closed IMC Armories while other teams are fighting waves of Spectre units. This was definitely a bug that took the developers quite some time to fix, as people were hard camping within the armories, getting free loot without even investing the grenade to open it.

We know players can be quite imaginative, soon after the introduction of the armories, players discovered ways in which teams could get into a sealed armory, such as using Ash’s ultimate turret through small cracks in the ceilings. They could also use these gaps in the armory geometry to throw grenades and sometimes shoot onto unsuspecting teams inside. The patch expects to create a completely sealed armory once a team begins fighting Spectres. Of course, teams inside the armories will still need to worry about the usual suspects camping outside them, waiting for the doors to open back up.

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Within the patch there is a fix to ranked rewards for high-ranking players, which has been an ongoing issue for the past several seasons. Respawn says players should receive their proper ranked rewards hopefully by today, which means the rewards might not update immediately upon installing the new patch. Xbox users also got some recognition, with “next-gen audio distortion” issues being addressed in the fix. Ranked rewards has been quite the talk within the community for the last couple of weeks, as compared to other games Apex Legends doesn’t really provide cosmetics or loot that makes the grind worth it outside of showing pure skill.

The last notable fix Respawn published was the deletion of sudden noises players streamed to all other members on a server. These issues were unexpectedly tied to Newcastle putting down his Castle Wall ultimate. Hopefully, players won’t have to worry about getting constantly scared by random noises any longer, which could easily be mistaken for a nearby enemy suddenly making a noise. Unfortunately a lot of clips of this situation happening are quite common within the game, as streamers were quick to lose games because of it and then spamming Respawns social media demanding a fix.

Lastly, the patch also included fixes for what Respawn describes as “various script errors” which could relate to a plethora of different issues. Most likely some of these errors were the issues preventing Loba’s tactical ability from working properly in certain places on the map, as many data miners found evidence that changes were made to Loba’s bracelet ability with the patch’s implementation.