The best VR2 titles announced at PlayStation State of Play: Resident Evil 4 Remake,Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village, and more

State of Play showcase for PS VR2 enthusiasts

This was definitely an exciting State of Play showcase for PS VR2 enthusiasts. Sony’s virtual reality rig is already one of the best in the business and with the announcement of more AAA story-driven games coming to the platform, fans are over the moon about the future of Virtual Reality gaming.

The PlayStation State of Play announced new and old titles alike that will be coming to the platform. This can only mean amazing things as VR gaming takes the next big step into the market and becomes a part of the mainstream gaming community.

PlayStation VR2 has always been competitive within its genre. Sony has a large library of original IPs that can be turned into a virtual reality experience without much hassle, and they have delivered beautifully. Some of the games that were announced and showcased are No Man’s Sky, Resident Evil Village, a completely new Horizon game, and finally a Walking Dead game. This State of Play was definitely one to remember for the player base.

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All of the previously mentioned games look phenomenal in VR. The story-driven VR era is about to commence, and some of the games that were showcased in the event look like they were made for the PS VR2. Resident Evil Village was a brilliant first person shooter survival-horror game, and the magnitude of what the game can offer has increased by quite a margin in the VR version. Switching weapons , reloading, and defending were just some of the mechanics that were shown to the public.

The Horizon series is getting a brand new story as well, in Call of the Mountain exclusively for PS VR2. Horizon games made big steps in making the world feel authentic while creating a fully VR experience. The next-gen consoles are able to push the boundaries of how good a game can look, and Call of the Wild is no exception. There is a lot more to experience in this new Horizon VR game, and it’s safe to assume fans are dying to play it.

Then we have No Man’s Sky, which has been a VR mainstay for quite some time now since its rework. The team at Hello Games has been improving the game since its forgettable launch, and it is currently one of the best looking space-survival games out there. A VR mode isn’t much of a surprise as it was already in place via Steam, but the fact that it’s coming to the PlayStation should still excite fans. 

Lastly, there is a heavy focus on horror-survival games for VR as the possible sense of immersion is essential to fully enjoy these games. The Walking Dead is also getting a VR adaptation and looks quite fun. There are weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and the ability to dual wield to kill zombies as you wish. 

PlayStation is going all out, getting some massively popular titles in virtual reality, and it should be no surprise if sales go up after these games are released.