Apex Legends’ community not satisfied with the current ranked ladder rewards amidst issues with matchmaking

Apex Legends’ ranked ladder

Since the start of the current season, matchmaking has been a major talking point within the Apex Legends community. Following an earlier reset in the ranked ladder, players of varying skill levels have ended up where they don’t really belong skillswise, obviously resulting in lopsided matches. The problem isn’t just in casual parties, as ranked games have suffered the same fate. While some have asked for the system to be polished, others are now demanding better rewards in ranked, given how difficult the season has been.

Every ranked season brings a different set of changes and challenges that players take some time to accept. The current changes might be valued, however many players have reported that the current ranked ladder process feels like too much of a grind. Respawn has yet to make any statement on the matter, but the community is now requesting better rewards for the situation. This is in light of the harder process that most players find themselves in at the moment in Apex Legends.

Most of the sentiment comes from highly voted Reddit posts these last couple of days. Players also shared their opinions on how they felt about the current rewards and what they wanted instead. So far, Apex Legends has handed out visible dive trails for when players drop onto the map.

However, one player stated that those aren’t permanent and should be improved. It seems most of the outrage comes from the lack of creative content given out when achieving a certain rank, similar to “Victorious” skins in League of Legends or the golden gun program in Overwatch. Unfortunately most of the comments suggest that most likely the players will not ever get something similar. As is rather common with any game handled by EA. 

However one of the most upvoted comments provides some insight on why it would be beneficial for EA to provide “Free Samples” as said within the post.

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Via Reddit:

“Once you get a sample of something you want more of it. Its why Free Samples exist as a market strategy, once you have a little bit, it’s a lot more tempting to have more.

On a less factual note and as a personal observation, there is a funny trend in gaming where higher ranked players tend to spend more money on game cosmetics anyway, so giving more freebies to the best of the best, not only entices more players to go for that rank, boosting numbers, but only so many people can get to the highest ranks due to skill curve, which means that they’re capped at how many freebies they have to give out.”

It’s quite clear that the relatively more difficult nature of the ranked season is the main reason why some players want better rewards. Nevertheless the opposite happened, as previously you would receive a permanent falling trail however it was changed to be a limited time cosmetic within the season. 

Ultimately we will need to wait and see what will be the next steps for Apex Legends ranked, from a gameplay and cosmetic perspective.