Unbeatable Nigma Galaxy convincingly wins the 2022 PMPL MEA Championship

Nigma Galaxy has been crowned the 2022 PMPL MEA Championship after a dominant performance in the tournament managing to walk away with $40,000 in prize money.

The team has most certainly been dominating since the start of the PMPL spring season. They accumulated a total of 321 points, including a monstrous 144 kills and five chicken dinners, finally they were the only team to cross 300 plus points in their 24 matches in the championship. Keep in mind that Nigma Galaxy was also the winner of the PMPL Arabia 2022 Spring Championship.

The betting for the tournament was more than was expected by the industry and whilst betting on PMPL is becoming more and more popular, the backing was unexpected by many. Nigma Galaxy winning will have been a great win for many, and Ragnar winning the MVP would have also been a great boost.

Contenders Yalla Esports was 83 points behind Nigma Galaxy, quite a big amount to be fair, and landed in second place with 238 points, which included a total of 118 eliminations and two chicken dinners. They were bestowed with the runner up prize pool of $28,000. Their star player Ragnar managed to get the Most Valuable Player award (even after finishing second), taking $2,000 extra cash from the prize pool.

Falcons Esports was the most consistent team from day one and secured third place in the overall standings with 216 points, including two chicken dinners. 01 Esports occupied a disappointing fourth place with 213 points, as previous results of the organization still haunt them to this day.

It was an average tournament for Rico Infinity, a rather popular Saudi Arabian team, as they placed fifth with 210 points, of which 140 came from consistent finishes. The team played really aggressively but faltered when closing the game out, as even though they normally were first to the zone, they were not able to sustain the position against pushing teams.

Intruder Africa grabbed four chicken dinners but unfortunately finished in seventh place due to their inconsistent performances throughout the entire tournament. As for Team Umbra, they were always chasing the top of the table, however they finished in eighth place with 195 points after a disastrous final day.

Final standings for the PMPL MEA Championship

Here are the final standings for the tournament:

1st-Nigma Galaxy – 321 points

2nd-Yalla Esports – 238 points

3rdTeam Falcons – 216 points

4th-01 Esports – 213 points

5th-Rico Infinity – 210 points

6th-Twisted Minds – 203 points

7th-Intruder Africa – 196 points

8th-Team Umbra – 195 points

9th-Nasr Esports – 188 points

10th-Conqueror Iraq – 187 points

11th-Ooredoo Thunders – 156 points

12th-Slime 4KT – 122 points

13th-90TH Minute – 118 points

14th-G3 Temper – 105 points

15th-Team Myths – 87 points

16th-Virtual Gaming – 83 points

Something nobody expected was the average performance from Nasr Esports at the PMPL MEA Championship as they only collected 188 points in their 24 matches, finishing in ninth place. As they were in fifth place at Pro League Spring Arabia.

Team Conqueror from Iraq (who was the runner-up in Pro League Arabia) came tenth with 187 points, almost passed by Ooredoo Thunders. Team Myths and Virtual Gaming had a disastrous tournament as both teams failed to cross the 100 mark in their 24 matches and finished in 15th and 16th place, respectively.

The event featured the best sixteen teams from the Saudi Arabian and African regions. The top 10 teams from the PMPL Arabia and the top six teams from PMPL Africa fought in the $150K event.

With the PMPL MEA Championship over for another year all the teams now get to review their performance and start to look at how they can build upon this for the upcoming tournaments.