The 2022 PMPL Americas Championship is won by the amazing Influence Rage team from Brazil

The Brazilian representative “Influence Rage” has been crowned the champion of the  Player Unknown Battlegrounds 2022 Mobile Pro League or the PMPL Americas Championship. Despite not starting as expected, the Brazilian team thankfully gained some momentum on the second day and maintained it until the final series.

They were able to accumulate a total 275 points in a matter of 24 matches. As the runners up in the PMPL Brazil circuit, the team consisted of ex “Loops” players who are returning after a hiatus of one year thanks to a ban. Influence Rage’s LiLBOY took the Most Valuable Player Trophy, thanks to a whooping 55 eliminations with a total of nine thousand HP damage and an average survival time of 20m per game.

PMPL Americas Championship heartbreak for Alpha 7

Defending champions Alpha 7 Esports definitely were a tough challenge but missed the trophy by a mere two points. This team accumulated 273 points total, with 145 finishes and four Chicken Dinners. After a couple consecutive second place finishes in PMPL North America, Nova Esports placed third in the tournament. The team managed to close the gap in a matter of two days following a rough start.

The old school Americas Season 1 champion Knights,tried their best but could only finish in 5th place a shadow of their former selves, while the North America champion Xset had a forgettable tournament as they finished in ninth place, something nobody expected.

Final standings for the PMPL Americas Championship

Here are the standings for the tournament:

1st-Influence Rage – 275 points

2nd-Alpha7 Esports – 273 points

3rd-Nova Esports- 268 points

4th-Honored Souls – 214 points

5th-Knights – 209 points

6th-Golden Eagles – 201 points

7th-Vivo Keyd – 199 points

8th-Buluc Chabtan – 163 points

9th-Xset – 159 points

10th-Loops Esports – 154 points

11th-Mezexis Dreams – 152 points

12th-Aton Esports – 150 points

13th-All Glory Gaming – 145 points

14th-INTZ – 114 points

15th-The Chosen- 109 points

16th-Boring Protocol- 87 points

After a couple of strong performances, Keyd, the champions of Western Brazil, finished seventh, while PMPL LATAM champions Aton Esports finished in a disappointing 12th place.

A Lot of the community expected Brazilian teams to come out on top however the underperformance from the LATAM and NA champions was a key factor for the result. Something surprising was the lack of adaptation from the former as in their respective circuits they dominated, but were unable to play well against the Brazilian’s fast and aggressive play style.

Most teams were caught outside of the circle when rotating as they were slower to the task compared to Influence Rage for example, who grabbed free kills looking at the teams late in rotation. Once in control of the zone it is rather hard to lose especially in the open areas, as for the other teams once you are out and try to rotate back in you are a sitting duck waiting to be killed.

PMPL Americas Championship Prize Pool

The prize pool for the tournament was a total of 150K USD, with the winner, Influence Rage, receiving 23K USD and the runners up, Alpha7 Esports and Nova Esports, receiving 18K and 13K USD respectively. MVP LiLBOY received a $1,000 USD prize for his efforts. Whilst the betting for the championship may have been upset with the loss of Alpha7, PUBG betting websites from Brazil will have been delighted with the results.