Apex Legends players are outraged thanks to poor matchmaking and lack of updates in the Arena game mode

“Respawn has really just abandoned Arenas” seems to be the overall sentiment currently within the Apex Legends community. Matchmaking in Apex Legends continues to be a problem after Respawn made some hefty changes in its latest season. After a couple of tweaks, players’ ranks are jumping up and down with no consistency, including that the matchmaking process seems to be very random as well. This seems to be the case in a clip uploaded by a player where their teammate fails to do basic game tasks properly.

Lately, many players have complained that matchmaking results in lopsided teams with a definite lack of balance. Squads are one of the most important parts of Apex Legends as the game mode does not feature a solo mode, if the developers double down on this decision, party matchmaking has to be absolutely crisp. A poorly constructed one does the opposite, ultimately providing bad gameplay and frustrating situations.

Players have repeatedly asked Respawn to make the teams more balanced to ensure fairer gameplay, as far-fetched as this sounds, most players don’t really understand what goes behind the system, as such demanding a fix instead of working with the developers hand in hand. For the time being, players are getting extremely frustrated with what’s happening in the matchmaking system.

In the game mode Arenas this has definitely turned to the worse. The community expects a standard level of gameplay within diamond ranked Arenas. However, recently Reddit has exploded with a lot of posts including video clips of players within Diamond rank and above missing close shotgun shots or throwing abilities in random times to the detriment of their teammates. We can’t definitely expect all players to come with their A game, as sometimes you have bad days. However the sheer amount of examples in a small population ranked ladder is quite alarming. In a way, just one player can single handedly destroy any chance for them to win the match. 

Where this becomes even harder to swallow, is when your team consists of way lower ranks than you. Thanks to the regular elo systems implemented in many games, if you kill players with a significantly lower rank than you, sadly the player receives less overall points for the kill itself. Some players claimed that they would lose points even after doing a significant amount of damage due to poor teammates. Ranking up becomes impossible as the player moves one step further but goes back two steps backwards constantly.

It’s quite clear that the matchmaking issues are not limited to one game mode. Respawn will need to make statements on the matter first, before applying any changes. The community agrees that situations like this are a matter of understanding the system as it currently is, finding a middle ground between players and developers perspectives while maintaining constructive criticism above all. Sadly as most of you know this is quite hard to achieve, as the negative comments reflect more than anything else.

Lack of updates and effect on Apex Legends betting.

Though the issues Apex Legends are causing issues for the community at the moment, it remains one of the growing games on the tournament circuit. Here at least the matchmaking is not an issue – though looking at some of the Apex Legends betting sites, you can see that the odds also sometimes feel that there is a miss match between the two sides. As esports betting continues to grow, it’s essential that games like Apex Legends ensure that their amateur games are well matched, as this is one of the key ways in which players can develop.